Japan Candy Box October Review and GIVEAWAY (Closed)

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I've had a chance to try some yummy treats from Japan and I would like to share my opinions with you!
Japan Candy Box is a subscription box. Thanks to them you can try new Japanese sweets directly in your inbox every month.
I think it's really worth it! Starting from $18.20/month.
Here's my October box content:

01 Kracie Popin' Cookin' DIY Takoyaki Set. Unfortunately I don't have microwave.
But I tried to do it on the pan with a lid on top... disaster! The tray is NOT heat proof... The bottom of the tray melted on the pan... So since it was still gooey I took the balls out and put them on a proper oven tray and I put it in the oven with grill function at 250 degrees and waited some minutes... then the cookies were sort of dried so I took it out. I mixed up the sauces and put them on top...on a different plate cos the plastic tray was unusable. I hope there won't be any plastic residues and that this won't hurt me... The taste is like Takoyaki. If you've never had Takoyaki it tastes like a cakey fishy thing with a little bit of oniony, maybe, flavour?!. The brown sauce tastes like barbecue sauce but a bit sweet so it is all balanced up. Overall it is nice but I'm not sure if I think it is a bit faked up (the taste I mean) or it is just in my mind because I know for sure this was all powdered? I don't know... but maybe this is one of the two things I don't particularly like about the box and that I won't try again, even if I like the real Takoyaki! Especially because of the cooking method... that you require a microwave to properly cook it, otherwise you can't make it.

stuffed cookies

02 Bourbon Petit White Chocolate Stuffed Cookies. They are nice! With bourbon the liqueur. They are small biscuits that come in a transparent box. These taste more like buttery shortbread crunchy cookies and inside there is a milky cream.

03 Lotte Koala March Biscuits. Very tasty small biscuits with a printed Koala on top. They are crunchy and they hide a strawberry cream inside. They are not too overpowering and not too sweet.

04 Coris Strawberry Whistle Candy. It is a crunchy candy which breaks instantly in your mouth and dissolves also pretty quickly. It seems made of powdered sugar with a light strawberry taste. I believe it is called whistle candy cos you can blow into the center hole and it whistles a little bit. In the package there is also a small animal toy for kids!

05 Puccho Awawawa Ball Candy. They are strange carbonated lemon powdered hard candy balls on the outside with the taste of grape. Once you put it in your mouth is starts to fizz and when you break it with your teeth you notice there is a softer inside which tastes like lemon and sticks on your teeth for a bit. At first it seems almost like a gum, but eventually it dissolves.

06 Puccho Mango Chewy Candy. It is a package of cubed candies, that taste nicely of mango. They are sticky chewy candies, like the toffy ones, but they leave a pleasant fruity taste.

07 Meiji Juice Gummies. Their consistency is like the Haribo gummy bears. They are sweet and shaped and flavoured like grapes. They dissolve in the mouth more quickly than the chewy candies. I like it.

08 Takeda Tamago Boro Egg Cookies. Eggs don't taste properly like eggs, they are little crunchy pralines made of an eggy biscuit, more like breakfast Digestive biscuits or shortbreads, but less sweetened. I think they would be perfect to be thrown on a cup of hot milk. This is the second thing I like less from the box.

09 Meiji Mini Candy Pack. They seem like chewingums or like mints but they are little candies and taste like frozen yogurt! I actually like them very much. They finish very quickly though: they just break into tiny little pieces and disappear in your mouth.

10 Pocky Panda Cookie Sticks, the best of all, tastes very good. The biscuit flavour is chocolate, coated by a layer of milky-yogurt cream. Tastes like Oreos or italian Ringos. They are similar to the Mikado sticks. Unfortunately the sticks were broken inside the package and all sticked together.

10 Nice things in total, I've enjoyed them.
I hope you'll give it a try too! Japan Candy Box


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  1. Wow, I've never heard of the Japan candy box... thanks for sharing and for hosting the giveaway! Looks so good and fun!

  2. The egg biscuits and the koala biscuits sound delicious. I love trying new foods out and I have not tried many Japanese sweets before so it would be interesting to see what they have.


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