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08:35:00, by Erika Agostino

wedding dresses shop

Bride or Bridesmaid you are, your budget is important as much as the beauty of your dress.
Whether you're organising your wedding or attending one as a maid of honor, you need the perfect dress without spending a fortune.
Or are you invited as a guest?

Cheap options but of a good quality, personalised service, customisable dresses and a lot of choice.
All of this at Moda Bridal, an online store that has everything you need on the special day: wedding gowns, formal dresses, jewelry and shoes, with worldwide shipping (free for orders over £142).
Dressed up from head to toe, even for parties and proms.


wedding dresses shop

All the styles you can think of. 
Dream about this Tailor Made Birmingham Ivory Dress for only £106.63


wedding dresses shop

This cute and classy version is my favorite if I imagine how I would dress up as a braidsmaid.


wedding dresses shop

Any design of necklaces and other jewelries, like this #1 Simple Style Leaf with Bird Necklace for only £4.70 - it's a steal, right?
Or an elegant pair of shoes: I adore this #2 Chester Courtlike Lace Beading Stiletto Heels they're fantastic, and cost £18.90!


Dresses and shoes are in different colours... just choose yours.

Who do you address to, when planning your outfit for a special occasion?

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