Chatty Feet, The Socks With A Face

15:12:00, by Erika A.

La Diva, Kate Middle-Toe

Socks don't have to be boring!
Meet La Diva and Kate Middle-Toe, these Chatty Feet funny socks.

They don't always agree with each other, especially when it comes to make up.
La Diva wants to be the center of attention, with her bright red lipstick and 60s eyeliner.
She sings all day and sometimes she's really annoying.
Kate Middle-Toe, instead, likes to wear a simpler make up: just some mascara and blush.
She's shy, but she knows how to impose decisions from time to time.
Both completely different, yet great friends to each other.

Chatty Feet

Awesome, right?
You can imagine a story for each one of them.
Stop wearing plain coloured socks and put some nice cartoon faces on.
There are 21 characters to choose from, for a playful new day.

The socks are very qualitative, they're made of 75% Combed Cotton, 23% Poliamide, 2% Elastane.
They are thick enough to be sturdy and to cover your feet without leaving any chink, and in the meantime they're not too heavy, so they can be used for every season.
I think they make the perfect gift to cheer up someone you care about.

Chatty Feet funny socks

As you can see, the colors are vivid and bright and the graphic is original.
They come from UK and priced £7.50 each.
Sizes are unisex: Medium (UK 4-8) and Large (UK 9-12).
For sizing conversion, check their website.
You can buy them from anywhere in the world for just £3 to £4 shipping, depending from the zone.
Chatty Feet also offers £2 OFF if you subscribe to their newsletter!

Give life to your feet.

Disclaimer: I received the product for free but the opinions I share are 100% my own.

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