Mintycoco Teeth Detoxifying Review

11:07:00, by Erika Agostino

Hello my beautiful friends,

Mintycoco is a natural oral detoxifying product, only with two ingredients: cold pressed virgin coconut oil from Sri Lanka and peppermint essence.
Gluten-free, Wheat-free and Dairy-free with nothing artificial.
Its use is to kill bad bacteria in our mouth and to reduce plaque, leaving the teeth whiter, the breath fresher and the mouth healthier, because of the lauric acid inside the coconut oil, which is proven to be antibacterial.

It comes in 10ml sachets, which you need to warm first in your hands, then squeeze directly in your mouth, and swish it all over for 5-15 minutes.
Remember to spit it out in the bin and not in the sink because coconut oil tends to harden at room temperature, risking to clog the pipes.

coconut oil, peppermint essence

What do I think about this?
When I first had this product inside my mouth I almost threw up, because of the buttery sensation.
I felt like I ate a whole stick of butter because it's heavy and I couldn't taste almost any mint in it.
I have to say, though, that after a couple of uses I did get used to it, just like they advised in the leaflet.
I'm happy that it is a natural product, instead of many others which promise you great results for your teeth but with bad chemicals.
I haven't notice any changes in terms of teeth whitening or in breath freshening, but I do feel my mouth healthier.
If they accept suggestions, I would like this product with more peppermint essence, for a fresher breath.
As it is now it's still too buttery for my taste.

You can buy it from their shop, a 3 days trial for €8,77 (which I find a bit too pricy) and free shipping.
You can also try it for free, paying only for the shipping £1.99 here at Delicious Oil Pulling
Or else, at Mintycoco Referral Candy refer 3 friends and get a free full box of 14 sachets.

What do you think about this?
Would you buy it?

Disclaimer: I received the product for free but the opinions I share are 100% my own.

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