5 Fitness Clothing & Gear Must Haves

19:36:00, by Erika Agostino

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For my workout there are always things that don't have to be missed.
Whether at the gym or outdoors, if you want to be at your top and wearing comfortable yet fashionable clothing, this is the right guide for you!
I'll explain what I prefer and why, to enjoy the fitness routine with something that catches my eye and covers my imperfections with style.

We all know how it can be difficult to get into the fitness mood...
We want to be fit but the thought of sweating and fatigue makes us lazy.
Perhaps having something nice to wear would ispire us to workout more!
Maybe I could sound frivolous, but I do really think that inspiration does 60% of the work.

An active lifestyle is very important, so please, do yourself a favour: jump off that chair and go for a walk!
But first, consider buying the right equipment, for your workout at home, at the gym or in a park.

The right intimate provides you the best comfort you have to be careful of, when dressing up for your workout.
Sport bras don't have ferrets or annoying sewings, and your breast is perfectly secured, even should you do extreme jumps. This way your chest doesn't hurt and it won't bother you anymore.

Good pants are stretchy and sewings free, so you don't have to worry having your trousers getting on the way or having the elastic tighten your tummy during your fitness time.
Better choosing the high waist ones with a thick elastic belt for your total comfort (plus it will hide your love handles!).

When you're choosing a top or a shirt you'd better feel great on it!
Prefer a bit larger shirt if you're not yet super fit, which will hide all imperfections, instead of a super stretchy top that would enhance your deltoid rolls, making you feel uncomfortable.
You'll only focus on your exercises.

The right shoes can change your entire workout.
The feet have to stay as comfortable as possible. The shoes you pick up should embrace your feet without being too thight or having extra space where your feet can slip up.
Select athletic or running shoes only, for extra bouncy cushions in sole.

When you're all dressed up, you cannot leave without:
- a Backpack, where you can store all your things, like a bottle of water (never forget this!) and a towel for when you're sweaty;
- Earphones, for your music! The best for workout are the wireless in-ear ones, to wrap behind your ears and stay secured even when you're running. Dr Dre appears to be the brand who does the most powerful earphones in terms of sound quality;
- an elastic Headband, to keep your hair off your face!

Which are your fitness clothing and gear must haves?
And where do you go for your workout routine?
Please leave a comment, I would like to know!

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