How To Style Long Sleeve Dresses

11:31:00, by Erika Agostino

Summer is finally here, but we think about the next season to come already.
Us women, we like a lot planning ahead of time, especially when it comes to the wardrobe.
Thinking about what we're going to wear next to have all things covered and enjoy the time relaxing is our no 1 priority.

That's why this guide comes out now: How to style long sleeve dresses.
Choosing the right dress for every occasion may seem easy, but when it comes to actually wear it we don't know how to style it, which accessories to choose with it.

In the fall/winter time, all we want to do is cuddle up in warm leggings, so this is the best way to enjoy your long sleeve dresses.
Instead of opting for trousers and sweaters, a dress would be a more practical choice: you wouldn't have to loose your mind by pairing pants with a top, a dress is one piece only.

Long sleeve dresses are the transitional pieces that keep you warm effortlessly.
Opt for winter trendy patterns and pair your dress with comfy and simple leggings, and boots or neutral heels, and you're good to go, both during the day and at night.

You don't need to wear scarves or excessive jewelry pieces, with a long sleeve dress you can keep your look simple and still feel that all is put together.
If you pick a dress that is itself a statement piece, the outfit will come out perfectly without too much add ons.

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How would you style your long sleeve dresses? Tell me below!

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