Feminist Apparel Spread Feminism Ideology

11:22:00, by Erika Agostino

Feminist Apparel Spread Feminism Ideology MakeUp Fun

All us women know how hard can be being a woman in this society.
Still in 2017 some men can hurt us, cat-call us, accuse us to wear too less clothing, sexual harass us, verbally abuse us, and much more...
Those are some examples of injustices and oppressions that outcast people everyday.
Feminism ideology only calls for human rights, respect and inclusivity.

It's important that we know it's not right to be treated like that and learn how to stand up for ourselves.
Feminist Apparel want to spread the message of feminism through their amazing clothing line, encouraging dialogue and community.
The issues that females encounter are very serious and urgent and require everyone globally to act, to do something about it.
With their products, Feminist Apparel believe that customers will become ambassadors in their communities to support what's right.
Activism and social empowerment is the good path for the movement to alter the collective consciousness on the issues of inequity that feminism addresses.

Every sale they make help sponsor feminist programs in Philadelphia, US, and most of their designs are made by independent feminist artists.
Check their website for more info and to see their shop!

I've got the "Not Your Babe" T-Shirt, color Grey with V-Neck in size S - €27,94

Feminist Apparel Spread Feminism Ideology MakeUp Fun

Feminist Apparel Spread Feminism Ideology MakeUp Fun

Designed by Kacey Shoemake, this shirt is absolutely stunning.
I love the material and the print, they are very qualitative and well made.
The message I want to spread is that "babe" might be a stereotype referred to a sexually attractive young woman.
As flattering they might think they sound by saying this, to us it's just a not-cool objetification of our body.

Be sure to talk back when you notice someone is treating you that and support the great cause that feminism is. It's time to say stop once and for all.
Women need to feel safe and not intimidated.

Disclaimer: I received the product for free but the opinions I share are 100% my own.

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