Five Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Dress

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Five Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Dress MakeUp Fun

Choosing your wedding gown is an experience to treasure. 
Start looking for designs you love as soon as you get engaged so that by the time shopping day arrives you will have a good idea of which wedding dresses will make your heart beat faster.
The huge choice of styles, fit and color available to a modern bride may still be overwhelming, though. 
Keep these five tips in mind as you begin the journey to find your perfect dress. 

Make it a reflection of who you are
Don't be tempted by designer wedding dresses just because the name makes you think of glamor and luxury. 
Above all else, a bride needs to wear a dress that reflects her personality, suits her shape and makes her feel beautiful.

Listen to advice but don't necessarily follow it
Think carefully about the people you take with you to try on wedding dresses. 
Your mom, Nana, friend, Mother-in-Law and next door neighbour may all feel entitled to an input but in the end, it's YOUR dress. 
Listen to them kindly and take some heed but go with heart and gut when you make the final pick.
You could even go alone or with your best friend to have a mooch before the actual appointment day. Discuss with the shop staff the dresses you want to try on so they are ready and waiting for you. 
Have a clear idea of what you definitely don't want and be prepared to stand up for your decision when you really and truly fall in love with a dress. 
When you know, you matter what Aunt Mildred says!

Five Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Dress MakeUp Fun

Don't be restricted to the obvious shops
Every town has the 'wedding dress shops' that every bride in the area MUST look in. 
It may be tradition, it's probably 'just what you do' but don't you want your dress search to be a bit wider than three shops on the high street?
Think quirky! Try these for starters: vintage shops, agencies who hire out designer wedding dresses, high street shops like Monsoon, outlets for designer dresses but be careful with buying from a website but you should still look for inspiration, a bespoke dress from a local dressmaker. 

Keep an open mind
There's a style in your head that you love. There are countless versions of it pinned to your Pinterest. 
You just KNOW. Try those dresses on, you know what you love, of course you do. 
But if there is a dress that the shop assistant suggests but which looks weird on the hanger you should try it anyway. 
It may just be a creation of great beauty that needs exactly your body shape in it to give it life.

Think about how it feels to move in the dress
So, it looks stunning. The exquisite beading across the bodice makes you weep with joy. 
But can you move in it? There is no point, none at all, in choosing from designer wedding dresses that all either prevent you from breathing, sitting down or even walking. 
Your wedding dress should make you feel like a princess not like crying from discomfort.

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