Alcohol Free Perfumes: A Lovely Choice For Spring or Any Time

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When spring is in the air, choosing a new floral perfume scent can feel especially refreshing. 
Whether you like the wild sweetness of honeysuckle or lily of the valley or more hothouse type fragrances such as roses or gardenia, it can be fun to find a scent that feels uniquely you.

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While many women enjoy wearing perfume, some common frustrations include the scent wearing off too quickly or the scent causing irritation or even an allergic reaction. 
If you’ve struggled with either of those challenges in the past, it might be a good idea to shop for alcohol free fragrances for women

Many people don’t realize that most major perfumes contain a high percentage of alcohol and water in addition to fragrance. 

While it may look like you’re getting more for your money, because of the seeming larger amount of perfume in the bottle, alcohol dilutes or disguises the specific scent of the perfume and causes the scent to fade faster as the alcohol evaporates. 

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Alcohol can also cause skin dryness or irritation in some women. 
If you’ve had these problems in the past, you might be tempted to forgot using perfume entirely. Before you make that choice, check these pure perfume oils. 
You will likely be satisfied by their clear, identifiable fragrances, their gentleness to your skin, and how long they last.

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post.

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