London Beauty Bloggers Evening Meetup!

22:28:00, by Petite Style Beauty

Hello girls!

Yesterday I attended an amazing #LBB - London Beauty Bloggers - Meetup thanks to Becs from Biteable Beauty and Rebecca from CarouselPR, along with other nice bloggers, to celebrate the relaunch of Victoria Place, the dining and retail centre of Victoria Train Station.

We all met up at the Lush store, where we had the chance to see, smell and try their products, even the new ones for Halloween and Christmas!
I'm always hypnotized by the wonderful mix of perfumes at Lush. It's pure magic. You want to pick up and smell everything, cos anything has such a penetrating aroma that makes you float on the clouds!

Then we had the chance to make our own Bath Bombs!
Each one of us took a transparent ball, like the ones you use for the Christmas tree, which is split into half (I'm sure plenty of you looked for a Bath Bomb DIY on the internet!- Like I did)
Then we filled the halves with a perfumed powdery mixture in a large bowl and closed them tightly together. Et voilà! Our handmade bath bomb to let rest overnight and ready to take home, along with other little presents which I will show you later on!

After Lush we made our way to The Body Shop, where we saw and tried some of their new products and assisted to a make-up Masterclass all about smokey eyes. very interesting!
And obviously left with a little gift from the brand!

At the end of this short beauty themed afternoon, the Café Rouge offered us a great tasty dinner! How cool is that? The appetisers we shared and the main course I took were amazing, large portioned and so fresh and yummy. I recommend to give it a try if you happen to be around here!

I'm so glad I could have such a lovely evening to escape the routine and to meet other interesting people who share my same passions.
I really enjoyed every single thing about yesterday and I thank so much everyone, hoping to make the same experience again soon, maybe with other brands too!

Pleasure to meet you all beautiful people: Nadja Baxter from Throw Me Something Beautiful, Juliana Rego from Buzzingtrends, Yaroslava from Slava Beauty Tips and her photographer husband Slav from Kirichoks, Donna Coppack from Lego and Louboutins, Natasha Godbold from A London Thing and Olivia from Beauty from the Fjord. I'm so sorry there was another girl with us but I couldn't find her name and blog link, - so if you're reading please give me a shout! ;) -

Aaaaand last but not least, the goody bag I received with the products I can't wait to try!

With love,

MakeUp Fun

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