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19:22:00, by Petite Style Beauty

Hi girls!

I'd like to share with you the amazing event I've been to, in London, hosted by The Bloggers Hangout in a particular location called Kanaloa, a Tiki paradise styled club.

There were a lot of brands' stands who explained their products and let you try them, gifting you something :) It was very nice to be on the list and have a chance to discover new products.
The location was very pretty, although the lighting wasn't enough to see the products well.
Besides from brands showcases, there was a nice Blogging Cafe and a lot of cute cupcakes to eat!
Bloggers into cupcakes DIY made them in the dedicated DIY Booth directed by Tea from Miss Cupcakes. Also there was a Hair Styling Bar from Umberto Giannini and a Nail Bar with a complimentary manicure from the Toop & Daley ladies.

& other brands like Chulo Naturals, Koyawo and Matthew Calvin.

I really enjoyed the time there, I was treated very well and it's always nice to discover new products!
I hope I suggested you new interesting things to check out!

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