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Hello everyone,

I would like to talk about my experience with Clayspray today.

Clayspray is a clay mask for the face, very easy to use with its handy emulsifier tube propellent-free with only compressed air bottle. It is the world's first clay emulsion, one of a kind!
The package is a dual chamber container which lets the product be preserved hygienically without getting dry.
There is also a H2O spring water to spray before applying the mask.

The mask is made of:
- the purest clay (for the 60%), obtained from 60 meters deep deposits formed 100 million years ago;
- natural spring water for a rich emulsion;
- hydrogels, to ensure freshness and provide hydration for the skin;
- finely selected plant extracts to create a range that suits every skin type.

All of the products are:
- clinically tested,
- hypoallergenic,
- with natural ingredients,
- preservative-free, paraben-free, PEG-free, and phenoxyethanol-free,
- free of artificial colours and perfumes,
- animal friendly,
- suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

All the clays have a property of exchanging minerals for unwanted substances accumulated on the skin, such as dead cells, toxins, excess oils, pollution, etc...
The different clays are specifically for the different skin types but the main benefits of them is to purify and remove the impurities leaving the skin well moisturised and protected without altering the natural barrier.

How to use:
- cleanse the skin and gently dry it. Apply a fine layer of the H2Ospray spring water on the face
- shake the Clayspray mineral mask and apply it on the previously wetted with warm water fingertips
- apply it on the face and neck evenly avoiding the eye area
- leave the mask for 10 mins or until it dries on your face
- to remove it, spray the H2Ospray over the mask to re-emulsify it and tap with a wet sponge all over and re-wet it until the face comes clean (using lukewarm water). Lastly tap the skin dry with a soft towel.
- tone with H2Ospray and proceed with your normal skincare routine.
- always clean the nozzle after use to maintain the product's freshness.


I received the duo pack with the Red Clay to try, the one specifically made for oily skin, which comes also with the H2Ospray spring water with green tea, both 30ml, good for 5-6 facials.
The kit price is £30. Just follow the above link if you would like to buy it.
This treatment regulates oil secretions, leaving the skin balanced and mattified but brighter too.
Using this product you can feel it is very smooth and fresh, it smells great and doesn't pull the skin too tight when dried. It really removes the impurities and your skin afterwards is very soft and smooth, deeply cleaned.
It's like going to the spa: you have to relax while doing this!
It washes off very easily, but watch out the temporary "red" mess you're going to do on your sink!
Overall, I'm impressed by this product and I recommend it spontaneously.
I noticed that my skin is now balanced and more firm, I don't suffer from oil excess like before, it definitely improved my situation, I'm very happy!

What do you think about it? Let me know.
Have a nice mask time!

MakeUp Fun

Disclaimer: the items have been sent to me for free from the brand but the opinions I share are 100% my own.

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