Two Must-Haves for Desert Living

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I have to be honest… I’ve never been that into skincare. 
It seems I’m one of those fortunate few who can go a day or two, maybe three, without properly cleaning my face. 
In fact, the more I clean or use cleansing products or face washes, the worse my face becomes.

Living in the UK, I could get away with that regime. 
I’d perhaps let the water wash my face while in the shower, and that would be it. Of course, I’d use make-up wipes to remove excess make-up, but a deep cleanse was something I’d never commit to. 
Like I said, it made my face worse.

Living in the UAE, however, it’s a little different. 
Dubai’s weather, although perfectly Instagrammable, is harsh.
It’s harsh on our faces, our hair and our skin. 
With boiling hot weather, combined with perspiration and a magnitude of sand and dust in the air, we ladies of the UAE are getting a facial daily. 
And it’s not the right kind.

I’ve lived here almost eighteen months now, and following moments of desperation when make-up just wasn’t good enough to hide the acne and blemishes appearing on my face, I’ve only just managed to come up with a routine that’s working perfectly for my skin.

And it only includes two steps.

I told you, I’m lazy when it comes to skincare, and the more I do, the worse it gets. 
So if you’re like me, here are two products that I swear by. 

Step 1

Vichy’sPureté Thermale 3-in-1 one step cleansing micellar solution is a perfect combination of fantastic quality, a refreshing effect and gains results. 
Vichy is a brand that a fellow expat introduced me too not so long ago, and while it may be considered a little pricier than desired, I’ve not looked back. 
I’ll say it, “I’m Rebecca, and I love Vichy.”

This particular product from their range provides a cleansing solution that not only purifies skin, removes make-up and soothes any irritation you may have in one step.

How easy does that sound?

Not only am I lazy at skincare, I’ve also never comprehended the step-by-step skincare regime adopted by so many bloggers. 
I know I need a cleanser, a make-up remover and a toner. 
And bingo, Vichy’s Pureté Thermale is just that! 

Step 2

I don’t use moisturiser; I tried it once before while living here, and it only aggravated any blemishes or perspiration I had once I stepped out into Dubai’s desert heat. 
Instead, I use Dr. Organic’s OrganicSnail Gel from their Bioactive Skincare range. 
“Huh?” I hear you say. Yeah I said exactly that, snail gel.

In fact, this product moisturises and soothes, and includes anti-aging elements which harness the remarkable cosmetic benefits of Helix Aspersia Muller. 
Don’t know what that is? Neither did I. 
But think theoretically; if a snail can use a substance to quickly regenerate its own shell and skin when damaged, why not try it on our own faces?

Dr. Organic even testifies that no snails are harmed in the making of the gel.* 
*Honest, the gel is produced from snails that are farmed humanely under certified organic conditions. The mucus secretion is collected from glass panes that the snails are able to roam freely and travel over.

I find this particular product to give my skin the necessary nourishment and protection; it’s a gel product, but it’s not oily and it never feels wet.

I thank Erika for the chance to guest post! 
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading; and while I respect there are so many different women with their own preferred products to use, I do highly recommend each of these. 
It took me over a year to figure out how to get my skin under control in a desert climate that offers either extremely dry or high humid weather throughout the year.

Do you have similar skin to me? Live in a desert too? Share what products you use to keep your face in check!

Guest post by Rebecca Fielding from Revkah

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