Luxury Scents: Kenneth Turner SOIREE Reed Diffuser - Review

17:14:00, by Petite Style Beauty

Hi my beautiful friends,

Kenneth Turner is a wonderful luxury brand based in London, UK.
They produce wonderful scents basically with floral notes.
Their products range varies from candles to diffusers and colognes.

The fantastic Reed Diffuser is a piece of design, with its perfume inside this simple glass ampoule.
Once you take the cork stopper off, the fragrance spreads in your nose like a simphony.

The initials "KT" are printed on the glass and a delightful pendant of a leaf, with the name of the scent on one side and the brand name on the other, frames the neck of the bottle like a little jewel.
All you have to do is putting the rattan reeds inside and leave your delicious piece of ornament wherever you like.

There are 200ml of perfume inside, which lasts from 6 to 8 weeks. Price £42.00.
There is no need to turn the reeds, the scent will infuse the room after 24 hours.

The Soiree fragrance is a flowery mix containing sweet pea, grape, and rose mingles with moss and musk as earth scents.
It gives you the sensation of being on a grass field, surrounded by lovely flowers, sweet but not too overpowering.
It will give your ambience a romantic but modern, nice feminine spirit.
I would say rose is the predominant scent, so if you adore this kind of perfumes, this is right for you.
It's like your house is wearing a strong perfume, the classic eau de parfum which stays on longer.

What do you think of this beauty corner? It contains all the things that I love.
Wonder what's written on the frame? It's in italian and it says: "Everything is hard prior to becoming easy"- By John Norley.

Disclaimer: the item has been sent to me for free from the brand but the opinions I share are 100% my own.

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  1. Oh, I love fragrances! I have a little collection but I do love any one of them!
    Just found out about yout blog and I love it :)

    Follow you for sure!
    Would you like to follow me back?
    Kisses and husg!

    Enchanted Ana

  2. I discovered reed diffusers this year. I have always used various ways to scent my home from burning joss sticks and oils to good old-fashioned pot pourri in bowls. Now that I’ve found reed diffusers, I doubt I will revert to any of the others. I love their eclectic styles and the way they really do infuse their delicious scents through the air.

    Jayden @ Valzara

    1. I agree! They are lovely. Thanks for the comment. Happy Holidays!

  3. Great scent is must have in my home, there is nothing more beautiful than great smell around me. I've never had this one, looks amazing :)

  4. Love the beauty corner....and the quote is a great reminder to keep working towards whatever your goal might be.

  5. I love this product! It combines great fragrance and impressive appearance! I would definitely buy this! I love the scent of roses in every kind of product, so I love this! Thank you for sharing this! <3

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. This reed diffuser is amazing ;D

  6. I love how gorgeous it looks! The scent sounds amazing!

  7. The beauty corner is a great idea! I would definitely buy this! I love fragrances!

  8. This looks amazing and I'm sure it smells amazing too!! My mum loves these things so I'll tell her to look out for this brand :)

  9. I recently discovered reed diffusers and LOVE them! I will be checking this one out.

  10. I like this kind of room fragrances and out of all, I think the diffusers are the best as they last longer, they don't spray you in the eyes making it impossible to breath and they are not health damaging. I would like to try these ones that you have reviewed here, but I think the cost is a bit pricey.

    1. I understand! But see, it really is like a perfume for the home. It smells like an eau de parfum, very rich. Compared with the cheaper ones, you can smell them just the day when you open the bottle and then you can't sniff anything else the next days! For a perfume for yourself I'm sure you'd spend that sum of money :)

  11. I’ve never heard of Kenneth Turner brand before! I adore fragrances and I’d love to check the Soiree! I love the flowery mix! So summer and romantic! Great Italian phrase on the frame! Semplicemente meravigliosa! :-)


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