What Would Your Men Wear For This Fall 2016?

20:43:00, by Petite Style Beauty

Which is your men's style?
I bet he would like some nice street styled pieces as my husband already saw and fell in love with this Shaolin Motor Jacket, while I was writing this blog post.

shaolin swordsmen jacket

For this next fall 2016 the key to menswear trends is: exuberance.
Plaid patterns, bomber and puffer jackets, handmade-looking sweaters, kitsch iconic figures, metallic finishes, military inspired pieces, 80s athleticwear, cowboy style clothing, and hirsute toppings.
Will your men be on trend?

The Essence Clothing is a cool street style shop, high-end luxury, where you can find unique and contemporary men's and women's clothing.
Its items have been sold privately in the past but now are available to anyone.

Its inspiration comes from bits and pieces in the films, arts, fashion, athletics and music, specifically by the New York City 90s hip hop culture, giving them a fresh interpretation.
The name "The Essence" suggests the heart of the culture where the creativity comes from.

Frank white NY jacket

Looks are styled with creative wordplay and symbolic graphics, with the layering of mixed material, for original pieces.
The line includes materials like leather, wool, suede and denim outerwear, along with shorts, jerseys, headwear and joggers.
Latest designs have been worn by The Giants player Victor Cruz, Nas, Dave East, The Game, Henrik Harlaut, French Montana, Mack Wilds, Cleveland Cavaliers, Iman Shumpert and LA Galaxy top Soccer players.
Look at the gallery and enjoy all the celebrities that wore these pieces.

A full catalog of new fall 2016 styles will be available soon!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.
Trends source: Vougue.

16 Commenti

  1. Very nice. My husband would wear that, perfect for his motorcycle.- AMER

  2. Have to check the whole catalogue - surely there will be plenty of great pieces for the coming autumn. I like it that they started first selling privately - that made it more unique.

  3. Very nice pieces. I have a biker friend who would love this.

  4. I need to follow mens fashion more. I get the feeling they don't have as many choices. :)

  5. To be honest I would wear these baseball jackets/ bomber jackets myself as I love the trend. These would look great on a guy too.

  6. I think those look so great! It brings back fun memories for me anyhow. I'll be looking out for this on guys come fall.

  7. They look great! Definitely what boys wear here in Scotland, good for the cold!!

  8. Exuberance sounds like a pretty good trend for 2016, and yes, I can definitely see my husband in the Essence jacket.

  9. I love wearing these jackets for those cool Summer evenings!


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