My Mini Japan Funbox

10:41:00, by Petite Style Beauty

Hello everyone,
here I am with another Japanese box (you know how much I adore Japanese stuff!)

Japanese Candy Box - Japan Funbox is a food treats subscription box, which will be delivered to your doorstep monthly or just one time only if you want to try it out without commitment.
They offer free shipping worldwide!

I've tried the Mini Box, with 5-7 items, which costs $14.99.
There are both sweet candies and salty treats: potato chips, chewing gums, puffed corn snacks and chocolate.

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This box is quite similar to the Tokyo Treat one, same price for the same quantity of items.

I personally liked all of the items in this Japan Funbox box, they are all known flavours, nothing fancy and strange.

01. Potato Happy Butter. A 60g bag of nice sweet and salty potato chips flavoured with butter, honey, parsley and mascarpone cheese. It tasted very good, those are all my favorite ingredients!

02. Crunky. It is a chocolate bar made with very tasty chocolate and crunchy molt puffs inside (wheat flour and starch). This chocolate is very airy and delicious!

03. Strange Gum 2. There are gum stripes of different flavours: lemon, strawberry and green apple. They are tasty but the flavour dissolves pretty quickly as these types of gums. If you try the three all in once, it will transforms into a grape flavour.

04. Slim Ganko Fried Potato. These are the most common ones, toasty ad crispy chips. Taste like regular salty french fries, nothing special, but good.

05. Whistle Candy: Grape Flavor. I found these in my Japan Candy October Box (Read my review here) in the strawberry taste. They are crunchy candies that brakes and dissolve quickly in the mouth, leaving a sweet grape flavour. These candies are popular among the children because they can whistle through the candy hole and there is a small plastic toy in the package too.

06. Umai-bou set of 3. I found these snacks in my Tokyo Treat November Box (Read my review here) and I love them! From the left they are curry, octopus dumplings and cheese flavoured. These cylindrical puffed corn snacks are very nice and rich of flavor. I'm very happy I found these ones back into this box!

Read about my first Japanese Box ever here: Candy Japan Box

This is it for the Japan Funbox. I found it brilliant and loved each single thing.
I believe you have to try it at least once in your life, because Japanese people always have the most unique food products you can imagine and these types of boxes let you have a taste of Japan directly at home, without spending too much.

Disclaimer: the items have been sent to me for free from the brand but the opinions I share are 100% my own.

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  1. Never tried a japanes box, looks like a funny thing to do, like if you received an "unexpected" gift home. Surprize must be the best part!

  2. Whistle Candy: Grape Flavor - I think this would be my favorite! I am obsessed with candies. I wouldn't say no even I have never tried Japanese candies!

  3. I love Asian snacks! I actually tried something like this (another box I think) and it was really yummy but I remember thinking it was kind of expensive for a few snacks. But I do live in a city where it's easy to get foreign snacks so that might be why I thought the price was too high. I think this would be great for cities that don't have much access to these snacks!


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  4. I have never tried a Japanese Box. In fact, I have never tried a box at all. Some of the goodies actually tempted me to try them.

  5. So you got to have some yummy goodies. I've never tried the Japan funbox but hope you enjoyed it.

    Fatima |

  6. Super cute Japanese funbox! Never heard of that box before and all those items inside are totally new to me. Would be great to try any of its content :)

  7. You probably wont be able to get that from the box but ....Macha green tea ice cream ..there one with redbean filling...omg its the best thing ever.

  8. Love all these food boxes! Looks like you got some really fun, unique ones too. I'm a sucker for the fun packaging too.

  9. All the boxes look so funny! Don't know if I'd dare to try what's inside.... BUT hope you enjoyed it :)


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