Unbound - The One Stop Pleasure Shop

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Unbound is a very cool online shop for everything feminine and regarding pleasure.
They have a lot of items to spice up your life in a fun way!
From vibrators to lingerie, cosmetics, sexy games and even super fun subscription boxes.
In their boxes you can find themed items, like the "shower box", or the "massage box", and even a "wedding box". All you have to do is visit their shop and pick up the things that you like.
They have a wide variety and I am sure there will be something you'll want for yourself, or to give to a friend!

I have a lot of favorites, but I've picked up the three that caught my attention the most.

Unbound - The One Stop Pleasure Shop MakeUp Fun

I think this box is very nice, for a pampering and relaxing evening all by yourself or with your partner. It includes:
- Luz de la Riva Stella Massage Oil, with natural plant extracts for a sensual aromatherapy;
- Exsens Heating Massage Oil, an oil that gives a heating sensation on the skin,
- Contour M by Jimmyjane, a ceramic massage stone that you can use as is for a refreshing sensation to complement your massage, or heat it up for a warming feeling, use it to relieve tension;
- Bijoux Indiscrets Tickler, to thrill and tease with its soft touch;
- Wild Strawberry Massage Candle by Bijoux Indiscrets, a kissable massage candle with a strawberry aroma, body safe.

Unbound - The One Stop Pleasure Shop MakeUp Fun
This Made in Italy bra is very stylish yet comfortable. It is very on trend now to show a little piece of bra, peeking through the shirt.
This peekaboo bra is also the ideal when wearing a backless shirt or a sleeveless top, thanks to the racerback strip.
It also has a front closure for an "easy take off". (*wink wink*)

Unbound - The One Stop Pleasure Shop MakeUp Fun
Body chains are oh so popular right now. They complement the look in every way, giving something special instead of an ordinary necklace.
You can wear it on top of your dress or shirt, or on your bathing suit, for a glamourous touch.
This sexy chain is great for a modern and feminine woman.
For measurements, look up the above link. It is also available in a plus size.

Which are your favorites? Let me know!


Disclaimer: this is NOT a sponsored post but it contains some affiliate links.
Images copyrights: Unbound website.

14 Commenti

  1. I suppose online shopping is the way to go for those of us not brave enough to actually visit a store!

    1. Haha! I thought the same. The massage oils sound great!

  2. "Toy Box" is a Soundgarden song! Doesn't online shopping make life so much easier?

  3. This is actually a really great idea for couples that don't know where to start when they want to spice up their sex life.

  4. You're right, I've been seeing body chains everywhere it seems. Might be too late to try one now though, parka season is coming!

  5. Unbound sounds like a shop that listens to women and what they need or want. I think it's great because we rarely have shops like this! I would love to see more of what they have in store for us.

  6. I wouldn't mind trying one of those body chains. Those are pretty neat looking!

  7. That body chains is beautiful. This is definitely a step up from those embarrassing stores.

  8. Love the bra! I would actually wear maybe a similar bralette with high waisted skirt and jacket for a night out!

  9. Body chain is one of the popular fashion items that is trendy now, and it does give something special to the look. You picked really fabulous items here.

  10. I loved that body chain! I looks very elegant!

  11. well I would never personally have the balls to buy this in person but online heck yah!

  12. I would love to try the body chain. I've seen them and admired them but haven't had the chance to buy one.

  13. not my kind of box, but I love that they have those too - well, you never know when you just might need a little extra something to play with, lol. Blessings!


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