SYMBOL Jewellery, A Piece Of Love

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SYMBOL Jewellery, A Piece Of Love MakeUp Fun

A pawn of love and thoughtfulness, an icon that symbolizes something important to you.
It doesn't have to be a special occasion for you to give a present, it might be an ordinary day made special.
SYMBOL Jewellery gives that symbol a shape, which your significant other can wear as a reminder of your affection.
You can shop for bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants.

"A sentiment that lasts forever, a symbol of eternity".
The symbolic gesture and story captured behind a piece of jewellery for someone you care is the driver of SYMBOL.
It's not the jewel itself... it's the whole story around it. The emotions linked to that piece.
SYMBOL understands the symbolism of jewellery and the feeling that goes into finding the perfect piece for those you care about.

The idea came from the owner, Aron Chan, looking at a piece of jewellery that was given to him from his nan when he was a baby.
A few years ago he randomly picked it up from the family safe and it suddenly brought back a lot of memories of her.
That trigger event really emphasised the value of a piece of jewellery can hold... which then lead to create SYMBOL.

A simple emblem of something that matters. An elegant and unique style. A class that never fades.
SYMBOL continuously looks for inspiring designers all over the world for its fashionable items.
Because a jewel can be more than an accessory to complement your outfits, it could be something memorable: a memento of a happy time, always with you.

"Love Earrings" are the most gorgeous double-hearted earrings.
Price: £45.00
Size: 10mm x 14mm

SYMBOL Jewellery, A Piece Of Love MakeUp Fun

SYMBOL Jewellery, A Piece Of Love MakeUp Fun

SYMBOL Jewellery, A Piece Of Love MakeUp Fun

They come in this elegant box as a beautiful wrapped present.
Their shape is simple but glamorous: a little silver heart is nested at the bottom of the bigger heart, which is encrusted with cubic zirconia stones for brilliancy.

This symbol kindly makes me think about my love story: the bigger, shinier heart represents my boyfriend as he is tall and loving and brightens up my days.
He embraces me, the smallest little heart as I am petite, and together we are one piece. Forever.

SYMBOL Jewellery, A Piece Of Love MakeUp Fun

SYMBOL Jewellery, A Piece Of Love MakeUp Fun

Which would your SYMBOL be? Let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: I received the product for free but the opinions I share are 100% my own.

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  1. Those earrings are so pretty and look great on you. They would make a lovely gift! xo

  2. These earrings are really cute, I love the symbolism behind the earrings. The cz adds a lovely sparkle too

  3. These are beautiful! I'm sending this link to my husband haha!

  4. I love your earrings they are beautiful and Symbol have beautiful pieces as I have worked with them before x

  5. These would make such a lovely gift. Il have to hint to my hubby

  6. Those earrings are absolutely exquisite, so simple yet beautiful.

  7. Those earrings are absolutely beautiful and as someone who has small ears, they are the type of earrings I would wear x

  8. They look so pretty, very simple and elegant, and beautifully boxed too.

  9. Oh wow those earrings are so cute, not heard of symbol before but would like to get something symbolic for my mother


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