Skimpy Bikini Bottoms Enhance Your B-Side

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Don't cover-up yourself too much. Don't be afraid of having fun at the beach. Choose the right bikini bottoms and these do not involve your granny's panties. #skimpybikinibottoms #enhancebside #feelbeautiful #therightbikini #fashionadvice #summerbikinis #rosegalclothing

There are several skimpy bikini bottoms that catch some attention.
You don't have to think that little bikini bottoms are vulgar, as if they fit your figure well they can be useful allies to give your B-side the look you've always wanted.

I've always felt ashamed to show my bottom at the beach as I used to worry about people looking at me, but now I've learnt to appreciate myself and you should too, whichever size or body shape you are.
Smaller bikini bottoms are just perfect to give you the nicest tan-line.
Obviously I am not talking about going extreme by wearing thongs, I'm suggesting you to consider not to wear bottom pieces that are like your nanny's, because you want to cover-up your booty as much as possible, but you'll end up not looking at your best.

These are a couple of pieces that I suggest for everybody and I'll explain why.

Skimpy Bikini Bottoms Enhance Your B-Side
This kind of bikini bottom is scrunched in the middle. This will tuck perfectly your booty shape, giving it a much flattering and round look. Uh-mazing! And it's comfy too.

Skimpy Bikini Bottoms Enhance Your B-Side

Choosing one that has a triangular print like this one will give almost the same effect than the previous model, the optical illusion of a rounder shape, rather than the not flattering classic/basic brief shaped one-color bottoms that just make your B-side very flat and shapeless.

Don't be ashamed of showing a little more of your skin, even if you're not a model.
Don't over-think about your weight and how you look and just not go to the sea cos someone will look at you. And even if they are, what's the matter? It's not like they're perfect. Nobody is.
Don't miss a beautiful sunny day and the chance to have fun just cos you're afraid of people's judgement.
People will always judge everyone cos it's human nature, so don't take it personally and start enjoying your life as is, and as you are.

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