Take Professional Photos With Cool Backdrops

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If you are an influencer like me or a model, a Youtuber, a photographer or an Instagram fanatic, you definitely need cool backdrops for your work.
Sometimes it's hard to take good pictures with the background you have at home. I struggle a lot to find a good spot in the house: a bright place with a clean wall would be ideal.
But most houses are small and need to be lived, and there is no such place that doesn't involve messy corners, like mine.
Then, finding a good background becomes crucial for a nice and professional selfie or for videos.

At Kate Backdrop you can find a wide variety of beautiful scenery for your creative needs.
Abstract textured, solid color, sequin fabric, floral, wooden wall and floor, sea beach, door/window, seasonal themed, brick wall, festivities, cool patterns, all the backdrops you can think of.
They also have a selection of sets suitable for birthday and wedding parties, for example, and if you have a specific one in mind you can even upload any high-res images that you like.
Use code FirstKate for 15% OFF your first order.

Choose the size you want, you can even customise the measurements.
The products are made of cotton fabric, which doesn't wrinkle, it's washable and lightweight.
I find this Kate Retro Style White Wood Wall Photography Backdrop very versatile and useful for my flat lay Instagram pictures. Maybe some nice dishes and a cup of coffee, or my laptop and some flowers.

Take Professional Photos With Cool Backdrops

Or this Kate Wedding White Brick Wall Floor Backdrop which is just perfect for my outfit photos.
I can put myself in front of this one and act like I'm at a fancy street corner somewhere in the city.

Take Professional Photos With Cool Backdrops

Can you notice I'm really into white? Haha...
I think that white is gorgeous, but if you find it common, a forest backdrop would be marvelous too.
Just give room to your fantasy and your photos will be gorgeous and unique!

The seamless backdrops come as is, so you can hang them with nails on the wall or on your curtain stick, as they have a 10cm pocket at the top.
If you don't want to make holes on the wall or don't want to take off your curtains, you can order a background frame in the store as well.

So, what do you think?
I am sure anyone's photography skills will be definitely improved thanks to backdrops.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Images are taken from the website with permission to be used.

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