Why Sororities Are So Cool

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Discover why sororities are so cool and we should all have them in every school of the world. #sororities #confraternities #sorority #friendship #philanthropy #parties #initiation #universitycampus #alphachiomega #greeku #socialcommunities #lifestyle #secretsociety

Watching some American movies, back in the days, like “So Undercover”, “Dark Pledge” or “Sorority Wars” and many more that have sorority as the main theme, I couldn't help wondering about living that life and being a part of a big sisterhood crew.
Here, in Italy, there is no such thing as belonging to a sorority made of secret rituals, late night bonding, or spending your time in a gorgeous house in a campus.

Sororities and fraternities are very popular social organizations in the US and most – if not all - Colleges and Universities have their own groups to join.
The names “sorority” and “fraternity” come from the Latin words meaning “sister” and “brother”, suggesting the bond of friendship the members have.
These are very old institutions, some dated even in the early 1800s, and members pass their membership to their sons, and so on.
All have Greek alphabet letter names, like Alpha, Tau, a mix of different letters for a name that has only initials.
Usually they are made of single-sex members only.

The purpose of sororities is not only to build friendship among members, but also to raise funds towards humanitarian projects, make programs to improve education and, obviously, throwing some astonishing parties!

From the movies, you must have seen some bizarre – and sometimes mean – things happening to the newest members who want to join, like weird obligations and “dangerous” rituals.
Whether this is entirely true or not, - we are not entitled to know, due to the big secrecy that wafts on these confraternities - we are fascinated by this world made of mystery, philanthrophy and head-spinning parties, as well as lifelong friendships you won't otherwise have.

The process of joining these societies is usually made of a series of events and activities, organized by the existing members, during a week.
They study the results of each potential member and at the end of the week they offer the invitations to their society.
After the newcomer gets the invitation, a probationary period occurs, where the organization decides whether the new member fits in and his participation can be mutually beneficial.
Usually, probes include public service and learning about the structure and history of the sorority or fraternity.
When the newbie passes the tests, there is a final initiation, with a secret ceremony, and a fee to pay in order to join the society.

Why Sororities Are So Cool

Maybe the most exciting thing is to be part of something big and important, something that goes on for a long time, like a tradition. Something that makes you feel special and surrounded by many boys and girls like you, to make great experiences with.
Life in a school can be tough, and having some sisterhood that watches your back is invaluable.

If it's then added a much larger component of important acts for the public service, this becomes a truly useful extracurricular activity.
I think every Country should adopt this lifestyle into each University: it helps the students put themselves into important projects, growing their humanitarian and social skills as well; and Universities too, raising some funds into the implementation of classes, buying updated equipment, and so on.

School shouldn't be only a place where to take lessons and study books.
Every Institution should give more to their students, a place where to grow as individuals and to get more professional skills and opportunities for the career.

Another perk of joining sororities and fraternities is to get an accommodation in the University housing.
The members live all together in a large house or complex of apartments, which reinforces the bond between them.
They hold every aspect of the social life there, such as meetings and parties.
Those houses are so big and beautiful!

Volunteering for philanthropic projects, like the NPC – National Panhellenic Conference organization, which advocates for women and addresses sexual violence, with events and programs held by sororities, in favor to sexually abused women, is something we all should do.
These kind of activities encourage members to be responsible, valuable, respectful and better citizens in today's society.

Although us who don't live in the US and cannot be a part of sororities and fraternities, cos there is no such thing here, we can definitely get ideas from their way of living and maybe create something small our own.
Nothing is impossible. Even if we cannot have a big house to party on, or a lot of money to invest into projects, we could create events and involve the school, raise money towards some interesting group activities, the only limit is our imagination.

And if you don't want to be a leader, you can simply apply the right principles to yourself only, by being more open and friendly with others, charitable and responsible.

Why Sororities Are So Cool

If you're still dreaming about living the good life and would like something that reminds you those great principles in your everyday life, why not buying some big little shirts and show them off with the people around you?
I would love some cool greek alphabet named sweatshirts or a special bag.

Who knows, maybe one day sororities will develop all over the world!

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