My Ultimate Bio Skincare Routine with Estelle & Thild

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A proper skincare routine is hard to achieve. Often we look out for the perfect products but for one thing or another they have something that doesn't suit our skin as it should.
So we try and try different products hoping that the next one would be THE one.
Successfully, when I tried Estelle & Thild, I've had to look further no more.

Estelle & Thild is a Swedish brand that wants to deliver the greatest formulas using bioactive, certified organic ingredients and putting aside any unnecessary chemicals that cause damage to the skin.
It is a sustainable beauty range with pure organic active ingredients for each skin concern, cruelty free and certified Ecocert.

I love to be more aware of the products I use on my skin and the food that I eat.
I would like to spread the word and make other people conscious too, because I believe that's very important to be healthier overall.
Pay more attention at the ingredients of everything you buy and make better choices everyday!
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Like a Korean skincare ritual, which consists in multiple steps and multiple products usage to achieve the maximum hydration, I like to follow many steps in my facial care to improve my skin.
Here's what I use.

Step 1: Cleanse
My Ultimate Bio Skincare Routine with Estelle & Thild Petite Style Beauty

1. Biocleanse 3-in-1 Cleansing Foam 
The Biocleanse line detoxifies and balances the skin with the aid of Black Elderflower.
This cleansing foam is delicate yet powerful to remove impurities from the face. It refreshes and leaves the skin energised and ready to take in other products.
I love the light texture and the easiness to use. I damp my face with lukewarm water, I apply the cleanser with a massage, then I rinse off.
The sensation is of a perfectly purified skin.

2. Biocleanse Radiance Micro Polish
After the Foam, while my face is still wet, I do a gentle scrub with this product, avoiding the eye area, to remove dead skin cells and deeply cleansing.
The micro polish crystals gently exfoliate and stimulate the blood circulation without being too abrasive like many other scrubs.

3. Biocleanse Micellar Cleansing Water
At the evening, when I need to remove makeup, I use the Micellar Water to cleanse, tone and refresh the skin without too many steps, because we all know how tired we are at night.
With Aloe Vera and Coconut Tensides, this is the perfect makeup remover because it doesn't need to be rinsed off.
I use it with a cotton pad and in a couple of minutes I am ready for bed time.

Step 2: Tone
My Ultimate Bio Skincare Routine with Estelle & Thild Petite Style Beauty

4. Biocleanse Deep Cleansing Detox Mask
About 3 times a week I apply a generous amount of this Mask on cleansed skin, avoiding the eye area, and I rinse it off after 5 minutes with warm water.
It is not a mask like others. It feels just like a cream but it gives a plus on the routine because it unclog pores and completes the detoxifying and cleansing steps.

5. Biocleanse Multi-Action Facial Toner
Let's resume the daily routine. After the Micro Polish is rinsed off, I pat dry my face with a towel and I apply this alcohol-free Toner with a cotton pad all over, avoiding the eyes.
I like that this product is delicate and has a pleasant smell. It infuses the skin with a blend of vitamins and active enzymes for a refreshed and balanced complexion.

6. Biohydrate Refreshing Eye Gel
Can't forget the eyes! While my face skin needs to be balanced, the eye area needs deep hydration and a de-puff effect, especially after woken up.
With organic Licorice extract, plant sterols and Hyaluronic Acid, it promotes lymphatic drainage reducing under eye inflammation.
I love the brightening and firming effects of this cream!

Step 3: Hydrate
My Ultimate Bio Skincare Routine with Estelle & Thild Petite Style Beauty

7. Super Bioactive Repairing Oil Complex
The Super Bioactive line is dedicated to the anti-age properties, with the powerful Marine Microalgae Extract, which is proven to be - hear, hear - 14 times more effective than vitamin E!!
With its antioxidants it repairs stressed complexions and combats UV damage.
I apply just a couple of drops at the evening and distribute well. It absorbs pretty quickly and works through the night.

8. Super Bioactive Brightening Serum
For my dark spots I need this serum! It is a potent treatment and helps me to reduce the discoloration due to sun damage over time.
My skin feels luminous and so perfumed like gentle flowers.

9. Super Bioactive Firming Day Cream
The final step is this daily moisturiser that absorbs quickly and improves the skin's elasticity, while reducing the signs of aging whithout any silicones like other creams on the market!

What do you think of this routine? Which daily steps do you follow for your skin?
Have you found the perfect products for you? Let me know!
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And stay tuned for my body routine and ultimately discover the fab makeup products by Estelle & Thild.

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Disclaimer: I received the products for free but I give my unbiased review. The post might contain some affiliate links.

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