The Infinite Properties of Black Cumin Seed

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Black seed oil is the miracle herb we all need to intake every day. Discover the numerous healing properties of cumin oil in this article. #healingpropertiesofsuperfoods #superfoods #blackcuminseed #blackseedoil #healthandbeauty #fitnessandwellbeing #nigellasativaproperties #organicblackseedoil #healthyfoods

When we talk about "superfoods" we mean foods capable of many healing properties, great for our health.
Here's where black cumin seed comes for help as a superfood that we all must have in our kitchen cupboards and consume every day.
Our health is very much important and needs to be taken seriously.
Especially if we have physical issues like for example any inflammation, ulcer, histamine allergy, parasympathetic nerve spasms, muscle cramps, cough, stomach gas, high blood pressure, digestive problems, high blood sugar, cancer... and mental issues like anxiety and depression.

Cumin, known as Nigella Sativa, is capable of treating and curing all the above symptoms and more.
This herb is known for thousands of years, since the Egyptians, who believed in its properties for an overall curing miracle.
The extracted oil from the black seeds has numerous fatty acids and antioxidants.
Exactly 26 fatty acids, including linoleic (omega-6), oleic, palmitic, stearic acids and EPA, DHA and ETA (omega-3) acids.
It's safe to use as a home remedy; an edible "medicine" that provides the body all its essential supports it needs to stay healthy.
It also contains some minerals, like iron, phosphorous, copper and zinc, making it the perfect multi-mineral supplement.

The black seed oil is also capable of destroying intestinal worms and bacteria; fighting free radicals, molds and fungi; stimulating the release of toxins and cleaning the body's fluids.
There are no cure-alls in medicine but this oil is a natural panacea that we can all assume without any side-effect if not beyond the recommended dose.
There could be some skin rashes when topically applying the oil on the skin, but those are rare cases.
Unfortunately, it cannot be used while pregnant.

The oil is usually dark yellow/amber in color.
You can find it in capsules, pure oil or plain seeds.
It's important that you always pay attention to the purity of the oil when buying it.
It needs to be 100% pure and organic, with cold press extraction.

The Infinite Properties of Black Cumin Seed

How to use:
You can mix the black seed oil in other drinks or consume it raw, about 2-3 teaspoons max per day, alone or with some honey.
If you have your skin wounded or inflamed you can apply the oil directly to the affected area.
You can add it to boiling water as well and inhale it as a vapor for any respiratory problem.

Cumin is perfect for this time of the year too.
This is the season of cold and flu and assuming the black seed oil helps to boost the immune system, letting the body fight infectious diseases.
It improves the white blood cells that are responsible for immune response, so you can beat the flu before it manifests or even if you already have it, you'll send the body some reinforcements to beat symptoms early on.

Also, 'tis the season of over-eating.
Parties with family and friends for the holidays can be the perfect occasion to indulge, even if for the rest of the year you're on a diet.
Black seed oil can help a lot because it curbs the appetite, lowering the blood sugar and regulating the weight.

Black cumin seed is a vital element in many aspects of our lives.
After you read this article you'll never do without this precious herb again.

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  1. I didn't know these had such wonderful benefits! I will definitely be going to Whole Foods so that I can purchase this ASAP. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Xoxo - Elizabeth

  2. I didn't realize you could apply it to an inflamed area. I do value natural remedies.

  3. I've honestly never even heard of black cumin seed so this is so enlightening- thank you!

    Soph - x

  4. I have never actually heard about this but there seem to be so many different health benefits to using them!

  5. i didn't realize how helpful this spice was. I should research it more!

  6. I have used this yes It have many properties related to health but you need to use on regular basis and for a long time not enough


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