3 Ways to Keep the Weight Off Over the Festive Season

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Here we are, approaching the Christmas holidays.
It's never too soon to talk about Christmas already: supermarkets are filled with sweets and traditional foods for the festive season, making us drool in front of panettones and puddings.

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We foretaste the immense good food we will eat with our dear ones, sitting on a big table, surrounded by warmth and lights.
We though, straight afterwards, think about the "after", seing ourselves at least plus 3kg.
End of happiness.
We will be asking for a treadmill for Christmas.
It's very important for you not to fall into strict and fast diets after the holidays, but to control yourself during the holidays.

Good news is we can prevent gaining weight or at least we can keep the weight off, over the festive season, thanks for the next three tips I'm going to share with you right now.


This could sound obvious to say, but most people quit excercising during the holidays finding excuses like "I don't have time today" or "It's just for this time, I will recover it afterwards"...
You can never be so wrong. Excercise, even for 20 minutes a day keeps up our metabolism, letting us burn those extra calories we earned during the day eating treats. Or if not all, at least a part of them.
You could excersise at home watching some how-to videos on Youtube, instead of passing from the table to the couch all day, or go for a walk together with your family or else putting on some Just Dance and move yourself in front of your WII player having fun with your friends.


Our Grandmother repeats the same phrase over and over: "Come on, take another bit", making us snort and let her content.
But we have to say "No, I've had enough of it, thanks" instead.
Try to choose the healthier options, preferring vegetables instead of the savoury snacks.
Avoid overloading your plate, tasting everything but in small portions, so you can feel good with yourself and also be more active, since when we stuff ourselves up during these big meals with the family, we tend to feel so sleepy afterwards.
And we can make our nephews or kids happy cos we can play with them.
Prefer to have a bigger breakfast, eat less at lunch and even less at dinner.
This way you will distribute the calories well during the day and will not go to bed with a full stomach.
Having a full stomach while you go to sleep lets you gain even more weight cos your body doesn't have the time to properly digest everything.


With those carbonated drinks and wines on the table you will feel like you drunk enough liquids.
Water is the only drink you should have in abundance, while the other beverages should be consumed with moderation.
Have a glass of water before sipping your wine will make you drink less alcohol.
And keep in mind that alcohol gives you empty calories too!

Do you have any other tips to share with me? Please leave a comment!

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