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15:23:00, by Erika Agostino

NCC Home learning is a platform where you can learn some interesting subjects at your own pace.
Their courses range from beauty to marketing, mental health, languages and so on.
You can learn at home something that will be useful to your career. You have the chance to develop what you like and build your future.
I think it's always a bonus if you keep learning new skills in your life!

The 350+ NCC courses are accessible to everyone and flexible for you to commit whenever you like.
The most important thing is that they will give you a downloadable certificate at the end of your course! So everyone will see what you've accomplished.

The NCC team offered me the opportunity to try their courses online.
I've chosen the Beauty Therapy as I'm really into all things beauty and I am hoping to succeed in this field!

The course is divided into main units and you can study each module with important information.
Inside each module there are memory check questions for you to answer, to keep each subject in mind before stepping into the next one.
At the end of the whole lot of modules you can do your exam, then have your certificate!
Everything is well explained and easy to understand, it's pretty straightforward to use.
I really appreciate how they treat the subjects and there are a lot of information, so you really get to learn a lot of things.

For this reason, there is a lot to take in, especially if you are not doing any practice in the meantime.
I believe this is the only downside of all online courses in general.
It is you that need to make practice by yourself and not only study theoretical, especially if you choose a non theoretical course.

Beauty Therapy is the right course for you if you are looking to learn facial treatments, skin types, massages techniques, face masks, eyebrow tinting and shaping, mani-pedi and nail art, waxing, make up application, anatomy... and become an expert beautician!

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Investing in your future is important!

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