How to Wear Confidence Like a Lady Boss

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 How to Wear Confidence Like a Lady Boss

Confidence is one of the driving traits that lead to the making of a lady boss. Whether you feel confident or not, there are easy ways to wear the outfit of confidence that can be broken down to what you do and how you interact with others.

Check out these 8 Simple Ways to Wear Confidence like a Lady Boss:

 How to Wear Confidence Like a Lady Boss. Want to learn how to feel confident? Here are 8 simple ways to improve your interaction with others and be interesting.
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What You Can Do

1. Smile

 How to Wear Confidence Like a Lady Boss

When you smile you exude positivity, even if you may not feel it at the time. The simple act of smiling triggers activity in the left frontal cortex part of your brain, which makes you feel happy. A smile is an easy way to carry happiness around with you.

Walking into a room with a positive vibe makes you appear more attractive and confident. Why do you think most people smile for a picture? Because we know we look and feel our best with a smile.

Smiling not only makes you feel good, but it also spreads onto others. Smiling is contagious. When you brighten someone’s day with a smile, you are instantly etched into their memory as one-of-a-kind. 

2. Stand Tall 

If you are not physically tall, you can still appear grand through proper posture.

A perfect posture has great health benefits and looks amazing! Slouching or crossing your arms can make you appear defensive and unapproachable. By just straightening your posture you look more graceful and appealing.

Wonder woman and Sophia Amoruso are great examples:
Image from IMBD Copyright © 1990-2017, Inc
Image from IMBD Copyright © 1990-2017, Inc

Image of #GIRLBOSS book cover from
Image of #GIRLBOSS book cover from

3. Walk the Walk 

You don’t have to walk like you are on a runway to look confident. Although it may sound pretty awesome, it is not the most attractive way to walk in every day situations. Picture strutting into a getty at your friends house like it’s a fashion show; good for a laugh, but that may not help with your confidence.

Walking with pride is simply picking up your feet. In other words, try not to shuffle or drag your feet and instead lengthen your stride. Also, maintain a natural, steady pace and keep your arms at your side to demonstrate an open demeanor.

Most importantly, wear shoes that you can actually walk in so you look like you own it and not like the shoes own you. 

4. Don’t Fidget 

To fidget is to move about restlessly, nervously, or impatiently which is the very opposite of confidence (assuranceand boldness). People fidget in various ways, like shaking their legs, biting their nails, playing with their hair, and simply not staying still.

Pay attention to any signs of fidgeting, breathe in deeply, breathe out slowly, and stop the motion. You will not only feel more in control, but you will look like a boss.

How You Interact 

1. Be Interested and Be Interesting

 How to Wear Confidence Like a Lady Boss

Be present whenever you are at a social gathering. Show interest in your surroundings, especially the people around. If you are on your phone or keep to yourself you appear distracted, disinterested, and insecure. 

2. Make Eye Contact

 How to Wear Confidence Like a Lady Boss

When you look people in the eye while you communicate with them it demonstrates that you know what you are talking about and that you are interested in what they have to say.

But it is also not polite to stare so be sure to continue to glance around a bit. Think about it like driving. You have your eyes mainly on the road in front of you, but you occasionally peek at the rear and side view mirrors to be aware of your environment. In this manner, if someone approaches to join the conversation you can ease them in by making eye contact with them as well. 

3. Give and Receive Compliments 

Complimenting others is a great way to boost your confidence as well as theirs. When you make someone else feel good or calm, you instantly become more likeable and attractive. You also feel more comfortable once you can break the ice and make someone smile which shatters fear and increases confidence.

Part of maintaining confidence with compliments is in knowing how to receive them. We are focusing on positive compliments and non-derogatory comments. If you give a look of disgust or start to fidget because the compliment made you feel uncomfortable, you appear guarded with a lack of self-love and self-esteem.

Practice saying a simple, “thank you” whenever you are complimented and feel free to compliment back if you haven’t already. It is a win-win. 

4. Don’t Take It Personal 

There are times when we run across people that may respond negatively to us regardless of doing all of the above and sincerely being open and kind. The important part to remember is that it is not all about YOU.

People have bad days, weeks, months and years and can take out their pain on others. So if you get a sour look or attitude from someone, don’t take it personal. Hurt people, hurt people. Don’t stop being the beautiful and confident woman that you are and can continue to be someone that eases pain and not causes it.

 How to Wear Confidence Like a Lady Boss

What are some areas you feel you can improve to boost your confidence? Share with us your experience with wearing confidence in the comments below.

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