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Good evening to all!

3 days ago, the 6th of march, I attended an event organized by the sweety Rebecca Goodyear from Bite Able Beauty, a natural/organic beauty blogger and a PR marketer.
The event was in Bea's of Bloomsbury, a nice coffee shop near the St.Paul's Cathedral.
It was the first Blogger Meetup which I went to, and I'm so happy I did!
The sponsor was NuffNangX (Jean-Luc and Arya) who kindly offered us something to drink and to eat, like tea or cappuccino and a cupcake or a slice of cake. I drank a very nice Rooibos tea, so tasty!

I met very nice and outgoing people. Not all were there at the same time but someone has gone before and someone came later.
Especially there were Juliana Rego from Buzzing Trends, Samaira Chouldary from Sam's Beauty Blog, Alexandra Jansons from Pretty Little Passport, Romy from My Name is Romy and I'm a Beautyholic, Ellie from Maydoll, Anna from Young For Good, Mark from The SPA Man and finally Natasha Parmar and Saira Choudhary.

We spoke about blogging tips, like how to improve the traffic, banners, etc... and then each of us shared the own favourite products of the month. Mines are:

NYX blush #PB05 Pinky - £5.50
A very gorgeous blush with high pigmentation that gives a pop of colour with only a single pass. A colour that makes your cheeks as you blush naturally. The texture has a little bit of shimmer but doesn't appear on the cheeks. The result is perfect and professional, very luminous.

RIMMEL London Apocalips lip lacquer #303 Apocaliptic - £5.99 
A truly bright colour, fuxia, in a matte finish. A packaging that seems like a lipgloss, but a product that has a pigmentation like a lipgloss and more! I love this, so much!

Becca gave me also a very cute goody bag full of mini size samples:

It contains:

- Lavera Basis Sensitiv Hand Cream, 20ml: with organic almond and organic shea butter. A very useful product, convenient to carry in your bag for when your hands need a quick hydration. This cream smells so nice and it's bio and very moisturizing. Plus it's not oily! I love it!

- Dr. Bronner's Magic Hemp Almond Soap 18-in-1, 59ml: a soap for multipurpose, made with organic oils. I used it to wash my face. At the beginning, when you put it on your hand, it seems like an oil, with a perfume of almonds. Then, when you apply water, it transforms into a soap and it does foam. Changing the fragrance in an (i don't understand what) another odor. Very cleaning! The skin when rinse does the typical sound of the dishes when they are clean. xD

- Beyond Organic Skincare Rejuvenating Serum, 10ml: with sea buckthorn and rosehip. This is an oil indicated to moisturize dry skin. I tried on my oily skin and unfortunately it was a bad idea. The smell is so great, but it is very moisturizing and left an oily film on me. If you have dry skin it could be a great product on you though!!!

- 3 Green & Black Organic chocolates. So yummy! One milky, one dark and one with hazelnuts. Plus a recipe of Port Flip cocktail!

- A Mister Funny sticker and some illustrative depliants about Beyond Organic and Lavera.

- Sample sachets of a moisture cream for sensitive skin by Primavera and of a nourishing hand cream with shea and baobab by Terre D'Oc + a sample of Jasmine Aqua Floralis fragrance with tangerine, benzoin, tuberose and jasmine for a very floreal smell like spring. So sweet!

I had really a great time and i hope to be at the next meeting to see the same nice people and, why not, meet other new bloggers as well!


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  1. Lovely! It was nice to meet you too - I look forward to the next one :)

  2. Beautiful meeting!!
    and I want to try the NYX blush

    1. Sfortunatamente per noi non ci sono rivenditori NYX in Italia, ma online dal sito UK non dovrebbero esserci problemi, puoi provare ad ordinare lì! ^_^ baci

    2. ora c'è il loro sito che vende... :)

  3. Thanks for the mention, Erika! It was great meeting you and hope to meet you at the next one! :)
    Juliana x


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