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Feel Good Formula set to spread happy vibes across the UK

FG = (M x 16 + C x 1 + L x 2)
(T x 5 + N x 2 + B x33)
FG = Feel Good
M = Live in the moment
C = Be curious
L = Do something you love
T = Think of others
N = Nurture relationships
B = Take care of you body

As a part of its Feel Good campaign, Transform Cosmetic Surgery called upon world-renowned professor, Dr Todd Kashdan to review the results of nationwide research carried out into how us Brits truly feel, inside and out. The result was the creation of the UK’s first Feel Good Formula.
Dr Kashdan, author of ‘Curious? Discover the Missing Ingredient to a Fulfilling Life’ drew upon his years of experience to analyse the research and whilst it may not appear obvious how a combination of letters and numbers will make you feel good, Dr Kashdan believes this formula is the perfect prescription for a happy soul. 

He explains:
There is no single secret to feeling good, but when these six ingredients are carefully attended to, in the right doses, you will be on target for a happy life."

M   Live in the moment – appreciate the sounds, smells and sights that you take for granted everyday. Remind yourself every waking hour to do this.

C    Be curious - explore the unfamiliar, mysterious, complex, and uncertain aspects of our world once a day.

L    Do something you love - if there is anything that provides the framework for a well-lived life it is the presence of activities that are important to us and excite us. Do this once at work and once at play.

T    Think of others first - offer compliments, do a good deed and listen. This is not intuitive because many believe you need to love yourself before you can love others. Science has found this to be false. Do this five times a day and you’ll soon see it feels good to make someone feel good.

N    Nurture relationships – dedicate time to a partner, friend or family member twice a day. Scientists have discovered that when you observe the happiest people on the planet, every single one has a close, significant relationship with another person.

B    Take care of your body – no, you do not need 3% body fat nor do you need to be able to pound through 3 sets of 15 unassisted handstand push-ups. Taking care of your body is about healthy eating at least 3 times a day and committing 30 minutes per day to exercises

Transform’s research shows that Britain is in need of a bit of a lift and it is great to be working with them on this mission to inspire a more upbeat Britain. Each of the ingredients requires a bit of work. Just know that your hard work will lead to the greatest rewards possible”.

Steven Taylor, Marketing Director at Transform Cosmetic Surgery comments: “We are delighted to have such a well respected figure as Dr. Kashdan involved on the Feel Good Campaign and couldn’t be more pleased that the partnership led to the creation of an actual formula to Feel Good."

The climax of the Feel Good campaign will be the UK’s first National Feel Good Day on 19th July - a whole day dedicated to giving Britain a boost. The research found that receiving a compliment is the biggest mood booster, so on 19th July, our Feel Good team is going to be encouraging the nation to get involved and compliment friends, family, colleagues or even strangers in everyday life and on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtags #feelgood and #feelgoodday. "We hope that the Feel Good Formula and National Feel Good Day will boost spirits and put a smile on faces across the UK."

To find out more about National Feel Good Day visit:

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter @NatFeelGoodDay

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post.

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