DIY Spa Retreat Tips for Home

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My dearest followers,

You can't go to the spa everyday, but there is no reason you can't bring elements of the spa into your everyday life. 
The following DIY spa retreat tips for home will help you relax and recover from the stress of daily life without leaving home.

Warm Your Lotion
Spas don't smear cold lotion all over your body, and you shouldn't do that to your body either. 
Set your body lotion on top of a heating vent before you get into the shower or tub. When it is time to apply the lotion, it will glide over your skin with warmth.

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Hit the Kitchen
You can turn many food items already in your kitchen into effective spa treatments. 

For example, cut a lemon in half and rub it over your elbows and knees to soften rough skin. 
You can blend yogurt, honey, avocado and other ingredients with aloe vera gel to create a soothing and nourishing facial cream. 
If you have sugar, consider making your own bath scrub.

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Set the Mood
Part of the spa experience is enjoying the mood set by creative lighting, comfortable furniture, and soothing scents in the air. 

You can create a similar mood at home by turning down the lights, blocking out sunlight, lighting a few candles, and touching the air with relaxing, soothing scents.
Once the mood is set, you can ask someone to give you a warm oil massage in exchange for a back rub. 

It might not be the same as having someone else do all the work at the spa, but it is a relaxing way to bring the spa into your home.

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Aren't these DIY spa retreat tips for home useful? Please let me know.

Hugs, kisses and happy relax.

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