The Essential Guide: How to Make your Bedroom the Perfect Place to Sleep

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Hello everyone.

Sleeping comfortably is a must if we want to preserve our beauty and health.
Exercises and a good diet are not the only things you should care about your well-being.
All the cosmetics in the world won't make a difference if you lack of sleep.

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While you sleep, the body produces collagen, a protein that keeps the skin elastic, so after a good night sleeping you will look younger, or at least the aging process it's slowed.

The body also rehydrates itself, so the dark circles, puffiness around the eyes and fine lines/wrinkles appear less visible when you wake up.

Throughout the day your skin is exposed to the stress of UV light rays and pollution. During the night the environment changes to a more relaxing place, where those threats are absent, so the skin has the time and chance to heal itself, allowing the supply of oxigen to the cells.

If you want to take the best of your sleep you should follow some important expedients:

- Sleep 7-9 hours per night;

- Loosen up your hair, don't keep them tighten, they will become thin and the follicles will be stressed up, causing a little pain on your head when you wake up;

- Always wash your face before going to bed, the pores will absorb the "bad stuff" you accumulated during the day such as pollution and make up, breaking up into acne and rosacea the next day;

- Prefer sleeping on the back, your weight will spread evenly throughout the body, avoiding back pain.

- Make a good use of the skincare products, putting on a night face cream, lipbalm, hand and feet lotion, body lotion, hair oil, etc... cos they're more effective overnight. While you're sleeping they penetrate better on the skin thanks to the oxigen flow and the natural production of good proteins.

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Now that you've prepared yourself, you need to make sure the bedroom is clean and well aerated.
No nasty dust to breathe; no plants which will take off the oxygen giving you carbon dioxide in return; always clean sheets (whenever you can); the window slightly open; and maybe a nice smelling candle or incense let burn half an hour before you go to bed, possibly lavender scented. According to aromatherapy, lavender helps you fall asleep faster and wake more refreshed. This works in a similar way to CBD products (like the gummies reviewed on the CFAH website), which help to relax your mind so you can fall asleep with ease. Many people now use CBD to help calm their anxieties, so this is a good option for those people really struggling to sleep.

The last, most important thing for a better sleep is the mattress.
You should carefully consider which brand of mattress to buy, cos not all are professionals and you risk to ruin your back permanently.
There are plenty of mattresses to choose from, according to your way of sleeping and needs, like memory foam, latex, spring mattress and so on.

Generally, if you're a side sleeper, you should choose a mattress that relieves the pressure on the shoulders and hips, so latex or memory foam will do the trick to be moulded according to your body, balancing the weight and giving you the right support.

If you suffer of back pain, you should prefer medium-firm mattresses. Usually the memory foam ones are the most comfortable.

Don't underestimate sleep, take more time to relax and you'll see you will be more positive, feel energic and look fab!

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  1. I always forget to put lip balm on before I got to bed! I need to though as my lips get really dry.
    x Aimee @

  2. These are great tips! I'm all about making routines, and these nighttime habits are so good to practice.

  3. Great tips! I try to get as much sleep as I can, but I need to get better sleep too. When I sleep on my side, I need to use a pillow between my knees to make my back feel better. Too many years as a ballet dancer ruined my back. Love the idea of having some lavender scent in the room before bedtime too.


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