African Fashion Luxury: Missy Ewa London

17:33:00, by Erika A.

missy ewa london

Hi you fashion lovers!

I would like to introduce you to Missy Ewa London, a fashion brand that offers a personalised service with luxury designs from selected collections, based in UK.

Their accent is focused on the West African nuances.
They have great women bags, dresses, imperium parures and embellished shoes, limited edition pieces for modern African women and whoever loves this kind of style.
Take a look at their web shop Missy Ewa.

missy ewa bag

missy ewa pumps

Their unique pieces are of a top-quality, for luxury trends.
You can see colorful vibrant patterns, mostly with floral fabrics and wax prints.
If you have an idea for a custom made product they will design it for you!

Check their other social media for more info and contacts:
Facebook Missy Ewa, Pinterest Missy Ewa London, Instagram Missy Ewa London.

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post.

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