Unbound's Holiday Gift Guide

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Unbound's Holiday Gift Guide MakeUp Fun

This Black Friday I couldn't resist, I had to put on a wishlist on the wonderful finds at Unbound.
Unbound is this great and fun shop where you can buy anything from body creams to massage candles, and from sex toys to couple games.
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So, if you want to make a cool gift for your girlfriend, you should take a look at this particular guide and take advantage of the Black Friday discount for 20% OFF everything with code BLACKFRIDAY20 and when it ends you can use ERIKA30 for my special 30% OFF just for you!

This 210TH Bath Oil (€30,14) is a great bath experience that mixes well with water, giving you the smoothest skin ever without even puttin on any cream after your bath. It smells like flowers, vanilla, musk and fruits.

The simple design of Unbound Venus Necklace in gold colour (€26,40) is the perfect female symbol to wear with pride!

As the necklace, these Mistyaurora Venus Earrings (€16,97) are a great gift for the ladies empowerment.

Great for a special night out, to make your skin shine! The Exsens Glam Oil (€20,74) nourishes the skin while leaving the sparkle of micro-glitters for your goddess moment!

Oh yeah! Cuddle in this Sundayvibes The Future is Female Sweatshirt (€16,03) for the perfect feminist who wants to show the message.

Candles or massage oil? What about both!? The Kama Sutra Lovelights Massage Candle Trio (€33,94) are a perfect gift for the home with a little twist: they can be used on the skin too! Fragrances: Tahitian Sandalwood, Coconut Pineapple, and Island Passion Fruit.

Do you love my picks? Which one do you prefer?

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post and includes some affiliate links.

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