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Live Healthy, Save Money with eVitamins_part 1. Discover my reviews about some really great healthy brands and products for cheap on eVitamins. Worldwide shipping. Care about your healthy lifestyle now!


I was happy when I discovered eVitamins, an american online store that sells healthy stuff, from vitamins and supplements to beauty products at affordable prices.
"Live Healthy, Save Money" - this is their motto. In fact their prices are unbelievably cheap and you can even find big bottles of your favorite products for stock up.
You can look at the website choosing any language for your better understanding, because they ship worldwide.

They are offering free US shipping for orders over $49 and under 5 lbs.
Shipping for other countries depends on the weight of the package. Sometimes it can be high but the key is to choose lighter things to keep the weight (and cost!) down.
Try to look at the things you like, put them in the cart and calculate the shipping. If it's too much for you, let go of some products. I'm sure you'll end up getting some cool things!
I made an example order for Italy FYI of 4 beauty products for a total weight of 0,716 Kg, a tracked shipping with Poste Italiane should be $16.34. Not bad!
You can pay with AmazonPay too.

I found well-known brands like Avalon Organics, Benecos, Dr.Bronner's, EOS, Larénim, Mavala, NYX, Olivella, Queen Helene, Weleda, Yes To, Yogi Tea... which I know many of you have heard of!
I really enjoy shopping at eVitamins, it has a wide variety of nice and healthy products and some of them have become my favorites of all times!
The site is easy to navigate and it's divided into categories for all your needs/concerns.
There is a search bar too, if you already know what you're looking for!

Use my code: makeupfun at checkout OR click this link shop for an automatic discount of $5 on your first order! 

Here are 15 random Items I choose to try and review:


- Queen Helene Grape Seed Peel Off Masque 6 oz $3.72
Live Healthy, Save Money with eVitamins_part 1
It's a peel off mask with a gelly consistency, ideal for normal to combination skin. I like its smell of grapes. It applies easily on the skin, although it's a bit sticky. Once you put it on, you have to leave it dry for 10 minutes or until it's completely dry. The fun part comes when it's time to take it off! Just peel it with your fingers from the jaw line to the top. I like my skin afterwards, it results smooth and clean. I recommend it. You also get a lot of uses out of this bottle! Be aware though that it contains alcohol, so I woudn't use it if I had sensitive skin.

- Queen Helene Mint Julep Deodorant Stick 2.25 oz $3.98
Live Healthy, Save Money with eVitamins_part 1
I was very curious to try aluminum-free deodorants. I had high expectations for this one. It promises a natural and clinically proven - all day odor protection, but for me is a big no-no. This Mint Julep deodorant is also propylene glicol and parabens free. Unfortunately it didn't work at all for me. Maybe I have a heavy perspiration but it just did smell badly after some hours, worst than anything. I was so disappointed! Definitely wouldn't recommend it :(

- Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Stick Lavender + Sage 3.25 oz $9
Live Healthy, Save Money with eVitamins_part 1
This is my favorite smell so far. I love lavender! It is pleasant to apply on the armpits and it lasts during the day. I like my deodorant to be effective as I tend to sweat a lot, and aluminum and nasty-chemical-free.

- Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo 14 fl oz $8.42
Live Healthy, Save Money with eVitamins_part 1
It has a nice smell, it's fresh on the scalp but not too overwhelming. It does a decent foam and spreads easily on the hair. I like that the formulation is full of vitamins and plant extracts.
I recommend it, especially if you have a greasy scalp and need an organic and vegan shampoo at a very good price for the amount of product.

- Jason Natural Cosmetics Quick Clean Pure Natural Makeup Remover 75 pads $6.84
Live Healthy, Save Money with eVitamins_part 1
I didn't particularly like this product as the pads are too harsh for the eyes. Even if you don't put too much pression, they are not gentle and tend to scratch the skin. The product itself is not irritating, it's very gentle and effective for all the face makeup removal, fragrance-free and without petrolatum. I really liked the idea of having ready pads so I don't have to spend too much time on my makeup removal process, especially at night. That's a shame! Perhaps if they make softer discs this would be my favorite product at all times.

- Kiss My Face Natural Man 3-n-1 All-Over Body Wash 8 oz $4.59
Live Healthy, Save Money with eVitamins_part 1
This was very appreciated by my partner as it has a very nice manly smell but not too overpowering. It works well for body and hair, but he preferred it for the body mostly. It foams well and overall is aa good product.


- EOS Lip Balm Melon - Honeysuckle Honeydew 0.25 oz $3.29
Live Healthy, Save Money with eVitamins_part 1
I appreciate EOS so much for the good formulation and the variety of smells/tastes, all very sweet. Honeydew is my favorite, it is like the real fruit and great for my sweet tooth. It leaves the lips very soft and moisturised!

- EOS Lip Balm Berry - Blackberry Nectar 0.25 oz $3.29
Live Healthy, Save Money with eVitamins_part 1
Same as the previous one. Very nice taste, sweet and nourishing. Smooth and soft on the lips, I really enjoy the good ingredients and how it works well on the lips. The packaging is easy to use and carry on wherever you want.

- NYX Super Fat Eye Marker Black - Carbon Black 0.10 fl oz $10.13
Live Healthy, Save Money with eVitamins_part 1
Very easy to apply and the color payoff is true black. The felt tip is big so you can have a bold cat eye in one stroke. Very nice product!


- Buff Bake Protein Peanut Butter Cinnamon Raisin 12 oz $10.20
Live Healthy, Save Money with eVitamins_part 1
I like this peanut butter a lot! It is very tasty and if you like cinnamon it is definitely for you. It has a lot of goodness inside: little pieces of raisins, chia seeds, flax seeds, 11g of protein per 2tbsp serving, coconut palm sugar, coconut oil... nothing nasty, no added salt. This is brilliant! I love it a lot on top of toasts and even on pancakes and in my shakes. You NEED to try it!

- FunFresh Foods Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Fine 8.75 oz $4.98
Live Healthy, Save Money with eVitamins_part 1
Nice salt, fine, cheap. It has a weaker salty power, which means that you need to put more to achieve the same saltiness than regular salt. I like to eat with less sodium and this seams a good alternative, as I was looking for Hymalayan Pink salt for a long time without spending a fortune.

- Only Natural Stevia Extract Powder 1 oz $10.49
Live Healthy, Save Money with eVitamins_part 1
I dislike this product so much. Unfortunately the taste of Stevia is really bitter and strong and you should need to put more to achieve a sweeter taste, resulting the beverage (or whatever you're using it in) to be too bitter. If you like Stevia go for it, this should be a pure extract and the cost seems affordable compared to other products. I wanted to try it and the test failed for me! Too bad.

- Honey Gardens Orange Blossom Raw Honey 1 lb $10.59
Live Healthy, Save Money with eVitamins_part 1I LOVE this honey. It's raw, creamy and tastes really good. I would definitely repurchase it again. 
It saves all the good properties like propoli and works very well eaten as is or with cold beverages (if you put it in hot drinks you "cook it" and the properties would be dissolved).

- Simply Organic Madagascar Pure Vanilla Extract 2 fl oz $6.94
Live Healthy, Save Money with eVitamins_part 1
Nice taste if vanilla. Maybe it smells too alcoholic but in the end it has a great vanilla taste on everything you want to put it in. I love that it is organic and pure and it is very cheap compared to other extracts. Would definitely buy again!

- Stash Tea Decaf Tea Pumpkin Spice 18 Bags $3.54
Live Healthy, Save Money with eVitamins_part 1
I really wanted it to taste like pumpkin but in reality it tastes more like cinnamon. It's very good, though. I like the spiced taste and that is decaffeinated.

Which product you find interesting above all? Tell me what you think!
And be sure you check out eVitamins for some awesome deals.

Disclaimer: I received the products for free with a coupon as brand Ambassador, but the opinions I share are 100% my own and unchanged.

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