The Benefits of Exfoliation for a Healthier Skin

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To exfoliate is an important step for a healthier and more radiant skin. Discover why and don't miss this step in your skincare routine ever again.

Exfoliating the skin has several healthy benefits, probably more than you can think of.
It's a process that removes the dead skin cells that lay on our skin's surface and that we cannot see until removed, or when they're abundant and start to come off their own.
If you exfoliate your skin often, you'll have a much more radiant, smooth and clear look and I'm going to explain you why.
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- Speeds up the natural renewal of the skin, as the dead cells clog the pores, making the skin looking dull. Exfoliated, the skin appears brighter.

- When the skin is "attacked", it stimulates the production of collagen - that's why micro dermal abrasion works wonders - which reduces fine lines and helps the skin look healthier and younger.

- The blood circulates better as the circulatory system is stimulated. More blood to the right spots results in an improved skin tone. 

- When you exfoliate you unclog pores, this means that your moisturizers will have a better result afterward as the hydrating ingredients will flow more freely and deep into the skin.

- Ingrown hairs and breakouts are prevented as the hair bulbs are not obstructed and toxins are expelled.

- Prior spray-tanning, shaving or waxing, it's always advised to exfoliate, so the tan lasts longer and the hairs come off more easily and efficiently.
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There are several ways of exfoliating. Popular ones are scrubs or mitts (which are not that sanitized and can bring more germs and bacteria to the table).
Today I'm talking about two new, revolutionary tools that always stay with you (don't run off) and are gentle with your skin - you don't need continuous abrasive scrubbing.

Lé Edge is a tool made of surgical stainless steel used as a "scraper" to remove the dead skin cells, dirt and deposits off both face and body, safely.
It is very easy to use, with an ergonomic rubber handle that doesn't slip, and it's washable, for the maximum hygiene.
You just gently glide it along the wet skin, at a 45-degree angle. Be firm but controlled with the pressure.
Towel dry the skin after use.
Don't use it on irritated skin, acne, moles or around the eyes.
For better results it's advised to use it during, or after, a warm shower or bath, when pores are open, to get the most out of your skin.
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The Benefits of Exfoliation for a Healthier Skin

The Benefits of Exfoliation for a Healthier Skin

The Benefits of Exfoliation for a Healthier Skin

Exfolimate is another steel edged technology that releases dirt, oil and dead skin off your face and body.
To use daily for the best results of transforming the complexion.
This has a strap to secure it around the wrist when using it to prevent occasional drops and to conveniently hang it in the shower to dry.
Keep it at a 90-degree angle to the skin and glide it slowly and gently on wet skin.
Don't use it on dry skin or after a laser or chemical peel treatment and the other indications I told you above for the other product as well.
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The Benefits of Exfoliation for a Healthier Skin

The Benefits of Exfoliation for a Healthier Skin

The Benefits of Exfoliation for a Healthier Skin

I have genuinely seen some results as I was using scrubs before.
I find this method a lot better and more targeted as the scrub goes all over your face, even on unwanted areas.
With these metal tools you just treat the interested areas and don't need to wash off any residue product, granules that sometimes end up in your hair!
This is a good method to exfoliate and I believe my skin is now much healthier.

If you're not exfoliating your skin regularly, start now and don't skip this step ever again.

Disclaimer: I received the products for free and I like showing them on my blog. The expressed opinions are totally honest and unchanged. The post might contain some affiliate links.

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