Trimming the Wedding Day Waist

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Too many brides-to-be worry about their waistlines before the BIG day. Find out the best ways to trim your waist and be perfect for your wedding.

What’s the number one worry among brides-to-be? Pleasing your mother or mother-in-law? Keeping the guest list short? Or, getting the groom to the ceremony on time? Paying for your honeymoon?

Too many brides worry about their waistlines. They worry the dress they picked out months before won’t fit. They worry the dress won’t flatter their shape. But, there are options!

Exercise with focus!

You can launch an exercise program. With the advice of your doctor or your gym trainer, you can create a regimen with the focus on trimming and tightening that waist. Another benefit is that it will improve your aerobic strength and reduce the wedding-related stress.

And, Leslie DeAngelo writes for the Huffington Post that the more you build attractive arms for sleeveless wear, the more people will notice them and not the waist.

Diet, Of Course!

With enough input, you can create and follow a sensible diet that focuses on the belly fat that everyone has. Regardless of your body type, you should worry about building up to the wedding with healthy nutrition.

The proper intake of fresh foods, local fruit and produce, and anti-oxidants will improve your physical condition. And, your healthier body will enhance your mood and reduce the wedding day jitters.

Tuck it!

If time, effort, and anatomy are not on your side, you might consider a tummy tuck in Las Vegas by Dr. Julio Garcia if you are:

  • In good shape with a few pesky fat deposits or loose skin around the belly area, the kind you just can’t seem to get rid of with diet or exercise.
  • Suffering metabolic issues that diet or liposuction won’t alter.
  • Experiencing a loss of abdominal muscle and skin elasticity as the result of age or multiple pregnancies.
Tummy tucks are offered with many options: mini, partial, and general. Depending on your choice, the risks and recovery period vary. But, it may be something you have been thinking of for some time and the results will last beyond the wedding day.

Dress for it!

There are so many designs available for wedding dresses that you can always find something that flatters, reduces, or hides your waist.

Trimming the Wedding Day Waist
The Selena offered by Azazie is designed with the long slim waist in mind, a dream look for many a bride. Sleek and modern, with a bare back, jeweled halter, and keyhole bodice, it forms an elegant column.

Trimming the Wedding Day Waist
The Winter design, on the other hand, is sexy with a blouson bodice hanging loosely from its spaghetti straps over the upper body, draping slightly over the waistline, and flowing from the hips.

Trimming the Wedding Day Waist
And, their knee-length, satin, and lace illusion called Opal is more structured in design. Its look features a zipper back style with an illusion neckline and full sleeves. Classic, mature, and modest, it makes for a real presence in finely detailed work. 

Azazie lets you choose fabrics from swatches, colors from a wide palette, and try things on before you buy. You can size yourself, shop for the bridal party, and pick your accessories, all at one online store.

Dress it down!

If you think of your whole body style and profile, it will get your mind off your waistline. But, designers agree on ways to de-emphasize the waistline. For example, absolutely avoid attention gathering accessories like wide belts, colors that catch the eye.

Choose the dress that falls rather than clings. Wear a fitted bra and corset. Look for designs with ruching or draping. Choose loose but not bulky. And, avoid the empire look. According to GlamourHealth, “the best way for a girl to really look slim is to define her shape in the most flattering places, not obscure it!” So, really the fashion trick is to flatter your assets. 

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