How to Care for Hair Damaged from Chemical Straighteners

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Whether it's summer or winter, we are never tired of setting our hair with a dryer and flat iron to get our picture perfect. We want our hair to be EXACTLY the way we want it to, all the time!

Moreover, women also go for the harmful treatments such as hair dying or chemical straightening. If you have gone under any of them, you might also be aware of the possible consequences.

Though we don't want any scratch on our precious gift from God, yet sometimes we end up damaging it. 

Repeated and wrong way of using these hair care devices can increase the chance of damaged hair and these can be linked to significant hair damage - few are temporary but most of them are long-term. 

So, you don't need to panic - you are not alone; in fact, a lot of people are at least a little bit nervous about using such chemical hair straightening products nowadays.

And since you have been trying to figure out what might be the solution, you've come to the right place. 

How to restore the damage of over processed hair

How to Care for Hair Damaged from Chemical Straighteners

Chemically damaged hair can have two major problems, one - your current hair might be damaged heavily and secondly - the natural process of hair growth might be interrupted. That means the challenges are to repair the existing hair and restore the natural hair reproduction. 

There are a few methods that can revive the process. The following simple but effective techniques will help you to get your "Glorious" days back again.

Stop using harsh treatments

How to Care for Hair Damaged from Chemical Straighteners

Stop there; enough is enough. Blow drying or heating weakens the hair cuticles which play a major role in protecting the hair from damage. Similarly, chemical treatments can break down the protein bond of hair which mobilizes nutritious flow to reach in proper organs of hair.

This is the first step of treating chemically damaged hair. Once you have noticed your hair is already been damaged due to the harsh chemical or flat irons, stop using those products- at least for now. The reason is to protect the remaining hair from being damaged.

The thing is that the chemical treatment strips the natural oil from hair, which hurts the hair shafts to get the proper flow of oil. But when you stop using the products that are interrupting the natural process, you are actually allowing the oil to return to your scalp. 

If your hair is damaged irreparably you might have to add some natural remedies to get a faster result. 

Henna or tea paste are good remedies that people are using as a natural treatment for decades. Most people find better results using keratin: you can also incorporate this ingredient not as a treatment but as a shampoo and conditioner to fight back damaged hair. 

How to restore previous growth

How to Care for Hair Damaged from Chemical Straighteners

The below steps are necessary to regain the previous growth rate.

Step-1: Wash your hair with some hair loss prevention shampoo that is specially designed for retaining the existing hair. Additionally, don't forget to apply a good conditioner that will help your hair get enough moisture that is necessary to restore natural hair reproductions. Repeat this daily or alternate days regularly.

Step-2: Though you've stopped using hair straighteners that doesn't necessary means to stop styling. If you do so, use any leave-in conditioner that has moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil, silk or vitamin E. 

Step-3: Make a mixture of egg whites and lukewarm water with warm olive oil and apply it to your hair. Let it set for 10 to 20 minutes and then wash with some sulfate free hair loss shampoo. However, better results can be achieved if you leave the mask overnight. A shower cap can also be used for deeper moisturizing. 

How to Care for Hair Damaged from Chemical Straighteners

Step-4: Specialists suggest using an ultra soft brush to push the oil from the scalp to the ends, which will help to keep the scalp and hair clean. Besides, these types of brushes can help in easy detangling and achieve a bouncier blowout. These also provide silky shine and a healthy scalp.

But if the hair is heavily damaged by chemical effects and if you want a quick recovery then perhaps you should try using the brush as low as possible. Moreover, avoid using a bristle brush which can pull apart the damaged hair or can break them apart if you attempt to brush through the tangles.

So a better solution is to use a wide tooth comb but avoid using this brush regularly. Start gently from the tip and gradually brush to the root.

How to Care for Hair Damaged from Chemical Straighteners

Things you'll need: 

These are the ground-breaking natural techniques that can help you restore your damaged hair and motivate to re-start the hair reproduction. These treatments gradually nourish your hair at a faster speed and don't let it be dehydrated over time. Since these steps worked for me, it'll work for you as well.

Guest post by Stephanie Delgado.
Disclaimer: Images are copyright free.

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