How to Add Rectangular Planters to Your Home

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How to Add Rectangular Planters to Your Home. The right planters can bring new life to a tired space. I suggest why you should use rectangular planters and in which occasions. #rectangularplanters #potsplansandmore #pots #plants #indoorplants #homedecor #flowers #lifestyle #housedecoration #homeadvices #decoradvices #interiordecor #interiordesign

The right planters can bring new life to a tired space. With the use of rectangular planters, you can easily take your home decor to new heights.
When it comes to choosing the right planters for your home, here are a few useful tips to get started.

Add outdoor planters along paths and walkways. 
One of the best ways to add rectangular planters to your home is to place them outside along walkways, paths, and even the driveway.
This is a great way to create extra curb appeal while adding some extra greenery or colorful flowers. Planters are ideal for this type of landscaping because you can easily change out the plants as needed or choose something that is hardy enough to last year round in your climate.

Create a modern entrance. 
The doorway is a focal point of the exterior of any house.
With the use of rectangular planters, you can make this area really stand out in a clean, pleasing way. With the use of small to medium planters placed one on each side of the door, creating a modern style touch is easier than ever. To create a cleaner, more modern feel, use greenery.
When you want a warmer touch, use mostly flowers.

How to Add Rectangular Planters to Your Home

Use them to create more privacy. 
One of the best things about rectangular planters is the shape.
The shape is longer, so you can use this type of planter to create extra privacy in certain areas of the home as needed.
For example, when looking to create a little extra privacy on a patio facing the backyard of the neighbor, line it with a few planters to create a lovely and private oasis.

Use them indoors as well. 
Rectangular planters are not just for the outdoor area of your home.
When you use them indoors, it creates many of the same pleasing effects while also bringing a fresh pop of greenery to the space.
For a dramatic look, choose one larger planter and place it on a table for a focal point.
For smaller touches, add rectangular planters to windowsills or along walls for an easy design touch.

Consider your options. 
Whether for the outdoors or indoors, you want to carefully consider the options to get the right outcome.
For instance, there are shorter planters versus taller planters in this shape.
A shorter option would be ideal for smaller spaces, whereas a taller one is ideal for creating more privacy.
There are also different lengths when shopping this type of planter, so carefully consider the right size for the intended area.

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  1. I really need to add more plants to my home. I only have one orchid, but would love some more grassy plants

  2. I love the idea of creating a really beautiful green entranceway using rectangular planters.
    C x

  3. I do love planters, and it is something we need to add more of both inside and outside next year

  4. I love planters and we have quite a few . I love the idea of making a door way . That sounds really cool
    . Kira

  5. I am loving that the cat as wedged itself behind one, super cute

  6. I really wish I was more green fingered, I tend to either forget about them or over water. I do like the sound of adding rectangle planters to the entrance of our home.

  7. I love the idea of using them indoors. We're really lacking much greenery in our house so this could be the perfect way to introduce some plants.

  8. I love the idea of using rectangular planters to create a modern entrance. I really need to have more plants in my life.

  9. Your cat is sooooo cute! I'm terrible with plants so this is very helpful!

    Katie xoxo


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