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All of us have some favorites every season: things that we keep using and can't stop loving! Discover my essentials for this summer. #beautyessentials #summerbeauty #summerskincare #fashionbikinis #summerswimsuits #bananamoon #liviamontecarlo #allbeauty #payotcccream #clarins #nuxeantidarkspot #burberryherparfum #productreview

We all know summer is for days in the open, getting a tan while relaxing at the beach or at some friend's pool...
It's nice to breathe some air outside the house and perhaps enjoying some Sunday roasts and grills with the family in the countryside, as we use to do in Sicily.
Summer is to get together and to have fun in the sun!

But the hot season can also bring sunburns if we are not careful enough by protecting our skin.
Often times some of us think that we could never achieve that beautiful deep tan by using SPF and prefer tanning oils, but skin aging is not to take lightly at all.
Also, the skin cancer "Melanoma" is just around the corner: too much sun exposition can damage the cells DNA of the skin and start the tumor transformation.
Do not be alarmed, though: there are plenty of skincare products we can use to avoid that.
And if you'd like to know some of my summer makeup essentials when I travel, check this post too!

A couple of useful tips to keep in mind:
- Try not to expose yourself into direct light during 10am and 4pm, where UV rays are the strongest or, at least, that is the time to double your protection.
- Do not think that if you're under an umbrella or if the sky is cloudy those rays cannot reach you, because they absolutely do! So don't forget your protection as well.

As far as my beauty essentials for summer I can suggest these 4:

Beauty and Fashion Essentials for Summer allbeauty payot clarins nuxe burberry

A color-correcting cream, for all skin types, with Uni-Perfect complex and encapsulated pigments, that gives anti-UVA SPF30 protection and anti-pollution shield.
It's in the form of a basic white cream with micro universal pigments that adapt to all skin colors.
It is not to be considered as a tinted moisturizer as it doesn't give enough coverage, but it is a nice makeup base for summer as it minimizes redness and gives luminosity to the face, other than protecting the skin from the sun.
It might have happened to you too, at some point, during these warm months to not caring for heavy makeup and wanting a much lighter base for the day to avoid the maquillage melting.
That's when I substitute my regular foundation; use only this cream and the following favorite, and target any discoloration with my trusted concealer.

An instant eye illuminator that targets persistent dark circles, with SPF15.
The eye contour is delicate, and the action of acerola extract plus the "High-Lumitech" (illuminating pigments) complex, care for them while reducing the appearance of stubborn dark circles.
Bear in mind this is a cream, not a concealer. It doesn't give coverage but nourishes the eyes and enlightens the area, needing to apply less concealer afterward.
I like the easy application with the brush, which is part of the packaging.

It helps correct and limits the appearance of dark spots, with SPF20. To be used regularly.
I didn't always care about sun damage when I was a naive and careless young woman, and that unprotected sun exposure caused me some spots on my forehead that I am struggling so hard to get rid of.
I am applying this cream every day, on the targeted areas and I am noticing a big improvement!
I definitely suggest this product to everyone who has spots originated by sunlight, aging, imperfection marks... and couldn't find a good solution so far.

I couldn't help but include a perfume in this post because I love a nice fresh scent when going out.
Do you agree with me?
I fell in love with this one because it's fruity, sweet and feminine... simply divine. Just right up my alley.
Red berries are the top notes. I can also sense some musk and vanilla essences that wrap up the fragrance, making it one of my all-time favorites.

All of these and more can be found at, a great online shop with a large selection of skincare and fragrance products from well-known brands.
If you visit allbeauty summer beauty list, and spend at least £50 on listed products (including the ones that I showed you), you can get 10% off using code ERIKA10
(Valid until 23:59 31/08/2019, whilst stocks last)

Talking about my fashion picks I have to mention my top 3 bikinis, which I've been wearing non stop all summer long whenever there was some water involved (aside from my shower!)

Livia Monte-Carlo Sicilya Armonia Bikini
Beauty and Fashion Essentials for Summer livia monte carlo

Banana Moon Black Auleo Diani & Maxia Bikini
Beauty and Fashion Essentials for Summer banana moon black bikini

Banana Moon Auleo Gardenia & Iota Purple 2-Piece Swimsuit
Beauty and Fashion Essentials for Summer banana moon purple bikini

These swimsuits are so qualitative. Resistant, thick and well made.
I love the style, so trendy yet comfortable! Would definitely recommend them.

What are your top favorites for summer that you'd like to suggest?
Leave a comment below!

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. I received these products for free. I have not been paid for this post and keep my absolute freedom of speech. Some are affiliate links.

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  1. I love your choices for swimwear and not tried the beauty products but it is so important to look after your skin during the summer weather

  2. The swim suit looks lovely. It looks nice and supportive too which I think is very important.

  3. I like the Gardenia and Iota purple bikini. It looks comfortable to wear, and the colors and design is lovely. I will also see if I can get a sampler of that Burberry Her perfume. Looks like it is something I would "invest" in soon.

  4. I haven't tried any of the products but since you're recommending them, they must be good and worth trying. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sun screen is definitely useful and a large floppy hat works wonders too for added protection.

  6. I love bikini but have not wore them for ages as I have lack of confidence in my body shape. These bikinis here are so attractive and I love the floral prints.

  7. Erika, your summer kit looks nice and awesome. And beauty products are a must to include in the kit to take after your skin in summer.

  8. Nice choice and lovely swimsuits.. In as much as its very good to always look after and take care of our skin, i find it difficult doing so, probable because am used to our weather but now that i have beach activities lined up, i think i should start looking at beauty products like yours.

  9. I have been totally crushing on a coconut oil for my skin too this summer. Seems like it's always getting dry. LOOOOVE that floral biking! It's super cute!

  10. Keeping skin care well mositurised especially after being in the sea or swimming is a must for sure. Love your swim wear too by the way x

  11. Yep this is exactly what I've been doing this summer, sun screen, body lotions and loads of sun and fun. Awesome post.

  12. Those look like some great beauty items. Your bathing suits are super cute too!

  13. ow, I want the Livia Monte-Carlo Sicilya Armonia Bikini now, lol. I love fashion at the beach and these products are all awesome and perfect for the summer!

  14. I really like the Banana Moon Black Auleo Diani & Maxia Bikini. It looks so good on you.

  15. The floral bikini is super pretty! I love the colours ;)

  16. These are all fantastic choices! I especially like the last bathing suit. It's not only colorful, but it fits you really well as well.

  17. I ove you skin essentials! A must when travelling and exposing the skin to the sun. :)


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