My personal growth as an influencer/blogger over the last few years

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My personal growth as an influencer/blogger over the last few years petite style beauty

Being a blogger hasn't been my whole life dream.

When I was younger, this wasn't even possible: computers were in the early stages and the internet was very slow. Mobile telephones were just about in colors but not yet touch.
This world has made a huge development over the last two decades and I am so happy this happened because it led me to this moment in the present day.

I have attended the School of Arts and dreamed of being an archaeologist but this changed over the course of my life. Though I have always considered myself an artist and I believe it takes one to do what I do daily.

When I first started using the computer I was fast to understand how it worked and I pleasantly remember once, when I was at school (I think I was thirteen years old) in the computers class, one of my classmates congratulated me about my quick typing and was so surprised I used my two hands to do it since almost everyone at the time was used to type with one finger only. (writing long phrases took them a very long time!)

I was also a fan of photography but wasn't a professional, nor I even thought to take classes or upgrade my gear. I used a compact digital camera after there were the analogic ones that used to take the photos without letting you see them (you ended up having a bunch of blurry ones when you had them developed). Selfies were always a thing: we just didn't call them that.
Later on, after I have realized the importance of photography related to my work, I have of course upgraded to a DSLR camera to get the best results I can achieve over my possibilities.

In my free time, I used to search online for beauty or fashion contents, as I was really into these topics, and I bumped into blogs. There were just a few at the time and most of them were in the English language, starting from the US or other foreign countries.

That was the moment I clicked. I searched how to start a blog and since it wasn't difficult, I decided to start one my own. A new world opened up to me! I could finally tell my opinion, share my stories about what I liked and being useful and interesting to someone!

My blog was a hobby, just like my photography, and only since a few years, it could be really turned into a job. (My mum still doesn't get it)
I need to thank technology and social evolution for it.

Instagram was really the turning point of it all. With a photo, you could show your life and tell your stories and I started to see many people interested in what I shared, so I liked it more than the blog as it is more direct and fast and requires more visual work. But of course, if I need to share more words I still opt for a blog post as on Instagram you're limited. Let's say they are two separate things and which one you want to use depends on what you need to share, and how you wish to share it.

Overall, since my "influencer" career has been very positive for me (I use quotation marks because I prefer calling myself a content creator, as I see the term Influencer to be given by others and not by yourself).

Besides feeling proud of myself for doing something I like while I make a living out of it, having new friends met online, have a community of people who are passionate about the same interests as me and seek my opinion on the products I use, I also feel different about the person I used to be.

In the past, I was unsure of what I wanted to do in my life and now I am glad I can work at my pace at home, with flexible hours and all the freedom I need to unleash my creativity.

How do you feel about influencers? And what's your job? I'd like to know.

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post.


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