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5 TIPS FOR YOUR LIPSTICK TO LAST LONGER. Struggling to keep your lipstick on all day? Try these 5 tips for the perfect long-lasting lippie.

Every woman would like to apply her favorite lipstick once and forget about it; not having it moved all over the face or disappeared once drinking or eating something.

Nowadays there are plenty of tricks to make the lip-wear last longer, but the most important tip is to choose the perfect lipstick that doesn't budge and doesn't dry the lips either.
Ofra Cosmetics ones are gorgeous. They come in plenty of shades, right for every skin color, and have a great formulation where the color is vibrant in one stroke, and also enriched with Vitamin A and antioxidants to keep the lips hydrated all day.

Here are my long-lasting lippie secrets:

1 Prepping the lips with a scrub

Chapped lips are excluded. The lipstick won't stay put if the base where it is applied to is not even.
Scrub some white sugar onto the lips until they are smooth and flakes free.

2 Using a lip primer

As you prime your eyelids before applying the eyeshadows, you should prime the lips too!
Pretty much every brand makes specific lip primers so they are not difficult to find.

3 Outlining and filling the lips with a matching/nude pencil

Match the lipstick with the lip pencil or use a nude one to create a much more resistant base, that will also make the outline perfectly smooth and even.

5 TIPS FOR YOUR LIPSTICK TO LAST LONGER. Ofra Cosmetics. Long-lasting lipstick. Petite style beauty

4 Using a long-lasting liquid lipstick

As I said earlier, this is the most important part that will make a difference. A good lipstick will dictate the success or the failure if your lips will stay colored all day or not.
The perfect lip color creates a kissable velvet pout, with an amazing pigment that doesn't transfer while maintaining a comfortable wear.

5 Dabbing face powder on the lips

Preferably use clear face powder and dab it with a big fluffy face makeup brush onto a one veil tissue that is placed on top of the lips, for the ultimate setting step of your long-lasting lipstick routine.

And here are all the tips and tricks that I have for today.
If you follow my directives let me know if it has worked for you!

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