How to Wear Lace Like a Pro

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How to Wear Lace Like a Pro Petite Style Beauty 

Lace is a delicate and beautiful addition to any woman's wardrobe. Making lace a staple in your closet allows you to convert between a casual or formal style while always maintaining the perfect balance between a modest and elegant look.

Unfortunately, many women avoid taking on the challenge of wearing lace because they fear they cannot pull it off. The truth is that lace can flatter anyone once you understand how to style it properly.

So, how do you wear lace like a pro? These are my favorite tips:


My first tip for appropriately wearing lace is to pair it with your pair of jeans of choice. Lace is a statement piece that deserves the spotlight. Jeans are a simple clothing article that will ensure the beauty of lace will be the center of your outfit. Two types of lace tops can be paired with jeans: fully laced tops and accent laced tops.

The first ones will provide a much larger statement and draw a greater amount of attention to your outfit. Therefore, I advise against pairing fully laced tops with flashy accessories.

The second ones, instead, are easier to style and chosen as a more casual look. They contain just a touch of lace details like, for example, laced tops accented at the sleeve cuffs. These tops are often paired well with simple blue jeans.



A lace dress is a graceful way to incorporate this intricate texture into your next ensemble. These dresses are often flowy and provide an elegant style for any body shape and size.

An easy-to-style laced maxi dress paired with chunky heels and a clutch bag can create a simple but unforgettable look.



Are you looking for a sexier and sassier outfit? A lace bustier paired with skinny pants or a mini skirt might be right up your alley. If you like to dare with a more glamorous and feminine look, a lace bralette is perfect for a night out.

Although this style can be absolutely adorable, it is important to be mindful of the lingerie effect.


This is a common issue found with incorrectly styling lace. Thankfully, it is easily avoidable by following a few tips:

  • Do not pair this material with anything that reminds you of underwear; I mean more lace, satin, or ribbons.
  • Wear small accessories with your outfit. As I stated before, lace is already the protagonist on its own.
  • Try adding a blazer or a jacket to counteract the lingerie effect.
  • Don't be afraid to add heels! They can be the balance between formal and informal looks.

Lace can be challenging to style without the proper knowledge but, once you understand the dos and don'ts, you will never want to avoid wearing it again. Try out my tips and I guarantee that you will quickly fall in love with this beautiful texture.

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