What Are The Purposes Of Skirting Boards In Your Home?

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 What Are The Purposes Of Skirting Boards In Your Home?

When renovating your home, you are left with that ending part after having the walls done that you look at them and notice there's something missing; that element that puts everything together and makes it look tidy: the skirting boards.

But are skirting boards simply decoration, or do they have a more practical purpose in our homes?

Almost 99% of homes have some form of skirting boards in them - but why? In this article we will give you some of the main reasons skirting boards exist and why.

For Decoration

Yes. One of the main reasons we have skirting boards in our homes is for decoration. Rooms without these skirting boards often feel unfinished, but somehow these small planks of wood, or MDF, make a space feel complete.

They create the perfect joint between the wall and the floor and make a room look finished and well-thought-out.

You could leave your skirting boards bare and natural looking, or paint them to match your door frames and coving.

You could even paint them a slightly different shade from the color on your walls to make them really stand out.

With so many great styles to choose from these days, there’s something to suit everyone’s personal style and preferences. Skirting World has a great selection of both MDF and pine skirting boards to choose from.

Hiding Wires & Cables

A great way to hide those unsightly wires and cables is to either hide them under the flooring or behind the skirting boards.

Running them behind the skirting boards is a great way to get wires from one side of a room to another without them being seen, yet placing them close to plug sockets for when needed.

Another reason to do this is if you have young children or pets that like to chew or play with things. Hiding them out of sight takes the temptation out of it and makes it safer too!

To Hide Blemishes

Years ago, the sole purpose of having skirting boards was to hide the base of walls where either the plaster hadn’t been finished or to hide blemishes left near the joints.

These days, skirting boards are also used to help stop any nasty drafts coming out from underneath the walls. There is often a gap left between the bottom of the wall and the floor, meaning a cold breeze can easily find its way out.

By using skirting boards, you’re essentially filling the gap and helping keep your home as warm and insulated as possible.

Protecting The Base Of Your Walls

Skirting boards are great at helping to protect the base of your walls from everyday life.

Things such as vacuum cleaners bumping against them, accidentally knocking them when rearranging furniture, or simply having a home full of children racing about. Your skirting boards are providing the base of your walls with some extra protection.

Plus, skirting boards are much easier to repair or replace than a section of wall should damage occur.

What type of skirting boards do you have in your home - and are they purely as decoration or to hide what lies beneath them?

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  1. Such a good post for those starting to do DIY for their home as not everyone knows about skirting boards and why we need to have it

  2. LOL I was just dusting mine this morning! They need to invent some that don't collect dust!

  3. I have been thinking of adding skirting boards to my walls for decoration.

  4. I think skirting is important to the look of a space and it's an affordable way to keep the space stylish.

  5. You know, up until reading your article, I had no idea what skiring is really for lol...It actually makes sense! Thank you so much....

  6. It sounds very interesting! I've never heard of skirting boards!

  7. I honestly always thought that they were for a combination of decoration and protecting the walls. I never knew about the other reasons.

  8. I'd always wondered and thought it was just for decoration but it is good to know that there are also practical purposes too.

  9. Oh wow, it's great to know about the benefits of Skirting boards! I thought it's just for decoration :)

    Everything Enchanting ❤️

  10. Amazing post! To think that I have never heard of skirting boards and what they are used for. Thanks for sharing this information.

  11. I love the look of baseboard (or skirting!) as it really give each room the final elegant finish!


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