Tokyo Treat November 2015 Review

12:55:00, by Erika A.

japanese snacks box review

Hello my dearest!

Today's post is about Tokyo Treat, an amazing Japanese snacks subscription box.
Starting from $14.99/month + FREE shipping worldwide.
I received their premium box containing 16 products and I would like to share with you my impressions.
I can start by saying I'm very happy they included a leaflet with pictures of the products and a description in english, so you can understand what they are, because the packets are all in Japanese language.

The first five products are in the small box, the next row of 5 is in addition to the first 5 in the regular box and the third ones are in the premium box plus the content of the small and regular boxes.

chocolate covered biscuits

01. Sato Petite Pack of Meiji Bamboo Shoots. It is a small packet as you can see and it contains small but very tasty little triangular biscuits, shaped like bamboo shoots or pinecones, coated with chocolate. I really liked these! I ate them all in a row.

crispy puff corn coated in chocolate

02. Doraemon's Cup Chocolate. I really love this! They are crispy puff corn coated with chocolate. Very crunchy and tasty, you want to eat them all in once.

salty sticks snack

03. Glico's Pretz Mild Salad. They come in sticks, not coated with chocolate like the well known ones. They are salty sticks which are supposed to taste like salad, but in my opinion the taste is like Parma ham, a bit odd, but not bad. You will get used to the strange taste after eating some of them.

potato chips crisps curry taste corn puffy

04. Meiji's Curry Curls. I like these corn puffy crisps! They are very tasty, curry flavoured. The curry taste is strong so after some of them I had to stop eating, but after few hours I had more! Delish.

crunchy salty and sweet japanese snacks

05. Umai-Bou 3 set. I like these a lot! They taste different: 2 of them are salty and one is sweeter. They are crunchy cylindrical puffed corn snacks. The bluish-white packaged on the left tastes like sweet cheese, the purple packaged is BBQ slightly spicy and the red on the right is pizza flavoured. Loooove these!!

sweet candies like ramen

06. Kracie's Fun Ramen Shop - RARE. This is a Popin'Cookin', a DIY edible snack. The instructions are in Japanese but the pictures explain clearly how to make it. It is a bit of a mess to mix all the powders and the result was cute, but everything tastes too sweet. I didn't like this particularly. The sauce is like pure sugar, the fake noodles taste like lemon and the white paste is a chewy candy which tastes like Red Bull energy drink or Bubble-Gum.

fruit and veggies taste japanese chocolates

07. 12 Grains LOOK (Harvest la mode fruitful). Nice chocolates with different fillings: "Kyushu Sweet Potato", "Chestnut", "Hokkaido Pumpkin" and "Shinshu Grapes". I personally recognised only the taste of grapes but in my opinion the other flavour were unrecognisable, although nice. I like that their chocolate tastes always like good chocolate!

plain taste wafer japanese snack

08. Yaokin Rice Cracker. I usually like rice crackers, but this one tastes like plain wafer. It is just crunchy with no particular flavour. It came all broken into pieces and with a BBQ sauce to sprinkle on them, but I prefer them without sauce.

candies like tamagoyaki

09. Gummy Maru Takeshi Grilled Egg. These are odd candies... they're supposed to taste like Tamagoyaki Egg Omelette but they're sweeter like candies. I'm not sure whether I like them or not. I really love tamagoyaki usually, but candies like eggs... I don't know if they work!

cherry candy

japanese chewingum bubble gum

10. Traditional set: 
_Kyooya Cherry Rice Cake. These are candies with a mild flavour of cherry. The name of them "rice cake" was a misunderstanding cos these are just chewy candies. Very nice. I like them.
_Top Rider Drive Gum. This is a chewing-gum, very nice flavour, like Red Bull energy drink or similar to the Bubble-Gum. The flavour doesn't last long.

set of chocolate biscuits do it yourself

11. Meiji's Mushroom Mountain DIY Snacks - SPECIAL. Another DIY with nice plain biscuits and chocolates to warm up and squeeze into the moulds. This was kind of a fail for me, because the chocolate kept on hardening very fast, so I hadn't the time to properly put them in the plastic container to shape them cos they were already harder. So in the end they didn't came out shaped perfectly as mushrooms but the biscuit came out alone so I had to scrape the leftover chocolate. Maybe I should have used an even warmer water! The chocolate flavourings change with the colour: brown was normal chocolate (nice but nothing special), pink was strawberry flavoured (really good!), and white was like vanilla (I didn't like this one at all).

chilled candy drink

12. Chilled Candy (Ginger and Honey). It's a very sweet drink with the taste of ginger. I liked it a lot! It is not bubbly and not even spicy. I really loved this ginger taste with honey, it should be good for the sore throat and even for a better digestion. The package is very strong and resistant, not like the normal tin cans.

heart shaped chocolates vanilla strawberry

13. Glico's Capri Cocotte Strawberry and Vanilla. Nice double coated airy heart-shaped chocolates. The bottom is milk chocolate and the top is either vanilla and strawberry. I love more the strawberry ones! The white ones are more of a mild flavour, like white chocolate and just a little bit of vanilla. Great quality of the chocolate!

very sour lemon candies

14. "Assassination Classroom" Sugar Lemon Flavour Chewy Candy. OMG NO, please don't ever try these ones... they are the most sour candies I've ever tried! Your tongue will beg for mercy!!

sweet corn puffy sticky caramelised honey

15. East Pigeon Pokemon Milk Snack. These are small snacks made of a corn puffy base and coated in a sweet flavour, like sweet cheese probably or sticky honey. Maybe they're supposed to taste like milk but I can't describe the taste. Anyway they taste nice, and the Pikachu is really cute!

These were all the products in the box.
Overall I've enjoyed it very much, apart from just a few which I didn't particularly liked.
It is always nice, though, to try different things which you cannot find elsewere, only in Japan!
Because Japanese people like strange and unusual tastes! So you have to try their snacks!

Disclaimer: the items have been sent to me for free from the brand but the opinions I share are 100% my own.

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