Insights to a Life as a Fashion Brand Manager

19:35:00, by Erika A.

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Of course I was more than happy to write about my experience as a Fashion Brand Manager and what I think about the world of fashion, when Erika asked me about it.

Currently I have three jobs, I work in Barcelona in an event agency, I have my own blog, and I work for Sira Milano as a fashion brand manager.

Trust me it is not the easiest to get all the three under one hat.

But you can not work in fashion without being overbooked and with a full schedule already weeks in advance!
So, what is the job as a Fashion Brand Manager really about? This depends a lot, if you are working for a new and inspiring brand like I do, or if it is an already established company.
The launch of a fashion brand and its first collection is exciting and requires a lot of strategic thinking. The budget normally is very limited when you are just starting out, which doesn’t make your job easier, but definitely interesting.
I have to say; I didn’t know what was expecting me exactly, when I signed up for the job.

So if I look back, what is this all about? Well it all starts with a big research, asking questions and understandings. This is directed into two directions: the internal of the brand and the external (customer and competitor)

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The better you understand who you are, who your customer is and what your competitors do, the better you are able to differentiate yourself and create a new market where people are actually interested in buying YOUR brand for being exactly what it is.

This is the most important part. With every rebranding you will loose part of your soul and part of your clients. So it is important to get it right at the first time.

Of course a brand can and will always develop, and actually needs to adapt within the years, but it shouldn’t loose its soul and foundation.

Fashion can be a lot of different things and while you decide how to sell the brand, you need to decide what it is for you.
For me fashion is a feeling. I don’t sell just clothing, but I sell the imagination that every item brings into your life.
Of course every one needs a jacket. But why should you buy one that costs more than another one? This is the question that follows us from the marketing department through every day.

Then you start to ask yourself, how do you create this special feeling? Sure, you have a great product, good quality and a nice design, but how do you make the people passing by the store want exactly THIS jacket?
This is all about small details, trend setters wearing it, a cool marketing strategy like creating hash tags that follows the brand through the world, a special detail of the piece you buy and extras that you sell together with the clothing.

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It is a job, that asks a lot of creativity, a person with a clear strategic mind, someone that is able to lead big teams as you will need to fight for your strategy’s implementation within the Press/PR departments, the sales and digital marketing department, the market research, the visual merchandising etc.

I hope I gave you a little clearer insight in what the job is about and if you have any questions or ideas, just leave a comment under this Blog Post!

Guest Post by Miriam Ernst from Be-Sparkling
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