3 Reasons You Should See a Dermatologist for your Acne

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Your skin has been breaking out regularly and you're trying to tackle the issue with over-the-counter ointments. While this may work for some people, others will not be so lucky. 

For some types of acne, dermatologist treatment is always necessary if you need a permanent or long-term solution. It may not be so wise to just wait for the pimples to go away on their own. 
Learn more of some of the reasons why it's very important that you see a dermatologist right away.

You Might be Suffering from Cystic Acne

You might be used to getting a new pimple or two as a result of stress, lifestyle changes, or menstruation. These pimples might easily go away if you use your regular acne creams and make some positive lifestyle changes. They might even go away if you just wait it out. 
That's not the case if you're suffering from serious acne such as cystic acne
These are acne spots that become inflamed after a damage to the follicle wall. They can be very painful and may leave dark spots and scarring on the skin if you pop them. 
They are resilient and will not disappear with simple over-the-counter medications. 
Even if one goes away, another will just pop up somewhere else. 
There's no "waiting it out" for this acne either. If you're waiting for the pimples to go away, you're just delaying the inevitable, which is to go to the dermatologist. 

Your Acne is Accompanied by Other Health Issues

If you're experiencing health conditions such as severe joint pain, as well as acne, it's crucial that you visit your dermatologist immediately. 
An underlying issue might be the cause and a dermatologist will be able to give you a more thorough analysis. Acne fulminans is a condition that results in pimples, but it also damages the joints, requiring immediate medical attention. Otherwise, it could result in permanent disability. 
Acne is also a cause for concern in women if it's accompanied by hair loss, irregular periods, and excess hair growth. It could be a result of testosterone overproduction and may lead to infertility. 
This is why you should never take these symptoms lightly and severe acne cases should be treated immediately by a dermatologist and an endocrinologist if you don’t want them to lead to more severe complications. 

3 Reasons You Should See a Dermatologist for your Acne

Your Acne is Setting Under the Skin

Getting acne treated by a dermatologist is also crucial if you notice that your pimples are burrowing or setting beneath the skin. 
This is a condition known as acne conglobata and can result in pimples connecting beneath the skin.
You may often find this issue affecting the back and shoulder areas, but it can also affect the facial skin. This form of acne is much more virulent than regular acne and is much more difficult to counter.
In addition, acne conglobata can lead to other skin problems and become uncontrollable. 
No over-the-counter medication will help resolve this type of acne and should only be treated by a dermatologist. 
Expert medical care can help you deal with the pain and prevent the issue from escalating.

These are three of the main reasons why you should see your dermatologist immediately to get your acne treated. Ignoring the issue just means you're putting off the inevitable.

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