Treatments That Actually Treat Stretch Marks

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Treatments That Actually Treat Stretch Marks MakeUp Fun. Discover how to treat stretch marks with non-invasive treatments and how to prevent them to appear in the first place!

Puberty, pregnancy, weight gain, body building – various life changes can have a dramatic impact on your skin. 
The skin is miraculously flexible and resilient, but it can only stretch so far before tiny tears form in the tissue. These tears turn into the scars known as stretch marks.

The scars typically form on the hips, stomach, buttocks, breasts and thighs. 
They appear as long perpendicular lines that can be lighter or darker than the rest of the skin. 
Either way, the discoloration is often noticeable. 
Many stretch marks lighten slightly over time, but they’re permanent once they form.
Health experts estimate that two-thirds of women will have stretch marks to some degree in their lifetime. 
It’s a skin problem that ranks right up there with cellulite. 
Luckily, technology is giving us new ways to reduce the appearance of stretch marks so we can all enjoy the warm summer with a little more self-confidence.

Silicon Treatment Pads
Many of the top consumer products begin as a treatment used by doctors and dermatologists in their offices. 
A perfect example of this is silicone treatment pads. 
A basic silicone fusion treatment can work wonders to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and aid in skin recovery after surgery.
Medical grade silicone treatment pads that are used at home adhere to the skin and encourage the repair surface-level damage. 
They should be worn an hour a day for optimal effects, but most are comfortable enough to wear day or night.

Hydroquinone Cream and Essential Oils
Believe it or not, there are a few creams and essential oils that can soften the look of stretch marks, but understand they can only do so much. 
They also don’t work on all types of stretch marks. 
Case in point, hydroquinone cream can help fade brown discoloration, but if your stretch marks are red or white it won’t do much. 
Some people are also sensitive to hydroquinone and should avoid using it.
There are two essential oils that may lighten stretch marks. 
Jasmine oil and chamomile oil can be used to moisturize skin and help fade scars.

Treatments That Actually Treat Stretch Marks MakeUp Fun

Laser Stretch Mark Removal
Another new treatment for stretch marks in laser removal. 
There are a number of lasers that have the ability to lighten skin discoloration, but many aestheticians note that fractional laser systems tend to be the most effective.
Lasers work by heating the deep layers of the dermis, which boosts collagen production in the area of the scars. 
The new collagen helps to shrink the stretch marks so they’re less visible. 
Stretch marks may be less noticeable, but laser treatments can’t remove then entirely.
This type of treatment is more invasive than silicon treatment pads and is going to be somewhat costly. 
Typically, more than one treatment is needed to reduce stretch marks. 
The number of sessions needed depends on your skin type, the extent of the stretch marks and their severity. 
Most people should plan on having at least three laser treatments to see results.

Tummy Tuck Surgery
Some women are left with severe stretch marks after pregnancy. 
Women who carry multiples are most susceptible to getting stretch marks around the stomach and hips, but it could happen to anyone. 
Extreme weight gain in men and women can also have the same results.
The most extreme stretch mark treatment is surgery. 
Operations like a tummy tuck remove part of the skin to tighten the area and improve contours, but surgeons can also strategically remove stretch marks at the same time. 
However, keep in mind the surgery may not be able to remove all of your stretch marks if they cover an extensive area.
The best thing any person can do to combat stretch marks is to prevent them from forming in the first place
Moisturize your skin regularly with a rich Vitamin A cream and make healthy lifestyle choices to keep your weight in check.
If you’re worried about showing off stretch marks this summer start with one of the non-invasive treatments above. 
After a few months if you still want to reduce the appearance of stretch marks further that’s the time to consider more invasive measures.

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  1. I didn't know they were so many options, I have stretch marks and I use moisturisers that helps

  2. I love essential oils! But it does work best with fresh stretch marks as opposed to old ones. Thanks for the tips!


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