A Niche Perfume to Feel Special

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A Niche Perfume to Feel Special. Our perfume should be right for our personality. Niche, luxury fragrances are what we need to stand out and feel good, all day long. #eaudeperfume #exidolo #loveandcrime #luxuriousperfumes #luxuryfragrances #nicheperfumes #scentcity #sensualperfume #sweetscent #nicheperfume #fragrancedestination

When I think of perfume the first thing that comes to my mind is sensuality.
A good smelling person is pleasant to be around to; it has personality according to the type of the scent she/he wears; it is captivating and charming and gives a general good feeling to the person who smells the perfume.

When I wear perfume I know it must be a cocktail of different notes.
For me, it should be fruity, musky and sweet.
Everyone should find their perfect combination, according to the character: something that belongs to us, that makes us feel good and pretty; something we would love to smell every day without any overload.

I always prefer Eau de Parfum because it has the strongest concentration. This means that a few sprinkles of it are enough for few hours without any retouch and that the scent remains strong for long.
In the opposite direction, there is the Eau de Toilette, which has less of a concentration of perfume, so it is lighter and lasts less. Usually, this one is indicated during summer.
Why not choosing alcohol free perfumes as well?

I know the perfume I buy must be qualitative, so I like to spend a bit more for it.
I recently discovered Scentcity: a luxury fragrance online shop, based in London UK, that ships all over the world.
It was founded in 2012 by 2 entrepreneurs in London who adore fragrance and launched in 2014.
They are a very customer focused, customer-driven company, valued 5 stars on Reviews.io.
Sophisticated unique scents are what this shop offers, methodically crafted with attention to every ingredient, to give the best niche perfumes, specifically tailored to all likings.

Ex Idolo is the brand that intrigued me the most, with its promising sweet and sensual scent: Love & Crime with its notes of:

Head: pink pepper, red mandarin, feminine florals;
Heart: baking sugar, star anise;
Base: natural cocoa, vanilla sponge cake.

You can perceive it a little floral and fruity, sweet yet edible but not too sweet.
The ingredient I sense the most is definitely vanilla, but the mandarin is prominent too, giving it the right amount of tanginess that dampens the sweetness of vanilla.
I am in love with this perfume. It is so vibrant and long-lasting.
I feel so charming when I use it on myself. A little goes a long way and constantly accompanies me through my day, giving me confidence and femininity.
I suggest this one if you like the same things as me.

If you're unsure about a few scents, I suggest you pick the "try before you buy" samples, that are available on all fragrances.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and feel special, niche perfumes are the answer!

Disclaimer: I received the product for free but I maintain my honest opinion. I am not able to use my own pictures because unfortunately the bottled fell off and broke before I could take any photo, but I fully tested the perfume before giving my thoughts. This is a sponsored post.

20 Commenti

  1. Anche io preferisco l' Eau de Parfume all'Eau de toilette ma amo che i profumi siano comunque molto delicati. Il Love & Crime mi ispira parecchio.

  2. Mi piacciono molto i profumi persistenti e speziati, non conoscevo love & crime, ma mi hai incuriosita molto.

  3. Io amo soprattutto i profumi delicati, magari floreali; quelli forti non riesco proprio a sopportarli durante il giorno.

  4. When you buy a perfume it's important trying to realize the perfect combination between personality and smelling. So I'm very curious about this fragrance alcohol free.
    Maria Domenica

  5. dalle note credo che questo profumo mi piaccia molto, non l'ho mai visto ma proverò a cercarlo. non so se il cacao e la vaniglia di fondo lo rendano più adatto all'inverno ma non importa, se mi piace lo prenderò lo stesso

  6. Adoro i profumi, quelli delicati ma dalle note profonde e avvolgenti al tempo stesso.

  7. Non conoscevo love & crime ma sembra un buon profumo, per quanto mi riguarda amo i profumi dolci. Sono curiosa di provarlo.

  8. Usually I am not a big fan of sweet parfums. But i love the fruity and fresh ones. I should definitely try this one out!

  9. I never heard of a alcool free perfume until now. I'm really interested in trying it and smell the actual scent since I usually like fruity and musky perfumes.

  10. I love always trying new parfums, I think I will look also for this one, maybe a new love!

  11. Non conoscevo questo marchio, e non sapevo dei profumi senza alcool, lo proverò.

  12. Non conoscevo questo profumo, io sono un'amante dei profumi dolci

  13. Che spettacolo i profumi senza alcool, li adoro! E questo Love & Crime sembra un profumo ottimo!

  14. Non conoscevo questo profumo, ma dato che contiene alcol non so se va bene per me, perché di solito prediligo quelli senza. Infatti gli eau de pardon mi causano emicrania.

  15. adoro questo brand, io sono appassionata di profumi e ne sono sempre alla ricerca….. soprattutto di particolri e dall’ottimo sillage

  16. io amo i profumi dolci e floreali, qunado sono troppo forti mi danno un pò fastidio essendo un soggetto allergico

  17. I love niche perfumes. There I find it so elegant and unique that it makes you truly unique. You will never have the same perfume as another person. This is the good of it. I love pink pepper as a fragrance.

  18. An original idea to give, something isolated and pleasant, where it is possible to buy it

  19. Molto interessante L articolo, apprezzo i profumi, chissà se lo trovo in giro lo proverò per vedere se fa a me


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